Pittsburgh Steelers Team (Except 1) Boycotts National Anthem in Protest Against Trump

The Pittsburgh Steelers side of the field is nearly empty during the playing of the national anthem before an NFL football game between the Steelers and Chicago Bears, Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

You can say a lot about President Trump (for instance: that he would be wise to focus all his energy on passing TrumpCare rather than on having a Twitter war with the president of the NFL), but man, does he know how to get the Crazy Left to show their real faces or what? 


Expectations were that Trump’s remarks were going to lead many more players to protest Sunday. Jamie Erdahl reported that Mike Tomlin, coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, told him that the entire team would stay in the locker room before its game against the Chicago Bears.

Let me get this right: the Steelers (except one player) decided to bash the entire country and the whole American people by boycotting the national anthem because of a few angry tweets from President Trump? That’s how you get back at him? By insulting everybody else? Great idea, geniuses. No wonder you guys get paid to crash into each other rather than by, say, performing brain surgery on a patient with a brain tumor.

What’s most amazing about this to me — a Dutchman analyzing it from afar — is that these men are highly paid millionaires who owe everything they have to their country and their fellow countrymen (who are positively obsessed with sports). Racism? What racism? When I watch an NFL game, I see that many if not most of the players are African Americans. They’re getting paid extremely well, they’re highly successful, very respected, every kid in the States want to grow up to be just like them… oh yeah, and they live in mansions the size of a small country.


Where in the world do these men get the chutzpah to insult the country and people who gave them this amazing life? The men and women who pay their incredible salaries by subscribing to NFL.com, having cable tv, or buying merchandise from their favorite team?

It’s irrelevant what Trump tweets and whether you agree or disagree with him. What matters is that the national anthem represents the entire country. By boycotting it, you’re boycotting your fellow countrymen, their way of life, their beliefs, and everything they aspire to be. It doesn’t get more insulting than this… Yet, that’s precisely what the entire team of the Steelers (“minus one!”) have done.



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