Shia LaBeouf Arrested for 'Violently Shoving' a Neo-Nazi Who Celebrated the Holocaust

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This is insane:

Shia LaBeouf has been arrested after pushing a man who said “Hitler did nothing wrong” while pretending to take a selfie with him.

The actor and artist, who is Jewish, has been staging an anti-Trump art project, named “He Will Not Divide Us”…

It has been targeted by neo-Nazis and members of the alt-right, who have been organising against the protest on the message board 4Chan.

Publicity-seekers have been attempting to hijack the livestream, including a man, accused by a promotional Twitter account for the art project of being a neo-Nazi, who said “Hitler did nothing wrong”.

In a video, Shia LaBeouf can be seen pushing a man who posed as if he was taking a selfie with the actor, but then said “Hitler did nothing wrong”…

Police have told local media the artist faces a faces a misdemeanor assault charge after allegedly pulling the the scarf of an unidentified 25-year-old man, scratching his face in the process, and pushing him.


Now please be aware of the following: LaBeouf is Jewish. The man purposefully sought him out, pretended to take a selfie with the actor, and then quickly told him that “Hitler did nothing wrong.” In other words, killing millions of innocent Jews during World War II was no big deal. Or perhaps he’s a Holocaust denier. It matters little; the man is neo-Nazi scum who deserves whatever punishment comes his way. Instead of complaining about a “violent shove” (oh, my dear boy, did the nasty Jew push you? How in the world will you get over this tremendous trauma?), the supposed “victim” should thank God on his bare knees that he didn’t receive a serious beating. As I was taught in the Netherlands, that’s how my compatriots dealt with Nazis and their collaborators right after World War II.

The most troubling aspect of LaBeouf’s arrest is that it’s positively welcomed by many Twitter users who also support Donald Trump.  Just read some of the reactions I received when I defended Shia by using the #FreeShia hashtag:

With all due respect,  if you start arresting anyone who shoves another person, America’s prisons will be filled in no time. This sort of thing happens every day, everywhere. The only aspect that makes this controversy different is that the guy being shoved is a Hitler-glorifying Nazi. Pardon me for #notcaring.


This is typical for members of the alt-right. When you defend Israel or condemn Nazis, they quickly accuse you of “playing the Jewish card.” By that, they mean to say that Jews are not allowed to stand up for themselves. Well, guess what? I beg to differ. I’m perfectly fine with Jews playing “the Jewish card” when it’s appropriate. And yes, it certainly is in a situation involving an outspoken Nazi who says “Hitler did nothing wrong.”

First of all, “trannies” and especially “gays” don’t “disgust nearly everyone.” They do disgust neo-Nazis, who hate them for being different.  And yes, in specific circumstances (see: a Nazi telling a Jew that the Holocaust was just perfect), shoving someone is a perfectly appropriate response.

The alt-right seems to be more concerned about a Jew “pushing” a neo-Nazi than by a neo-Nazi glorifying the Holocaust.

Thankfully, there’s also some good news. First, the #FreeShia hashtag went viral in a matter of minutes. It’s still one of the most used hashtags on Twitter hours later. This proves that there are still a great many rational thinking people in the world. Thank God.


Also, although he was initially arrested, LaBeouf’s friends three hours later notified their followers on Twitter that he was released. That’s at least something.

Let’s hope that LaBeouf will not face charges for this supposed “violent assault,” for that would truly be a shocking miscarriage of justice.


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