Video: Vlogger Paul Joseph Watson Demolishes Germany's 'Cultural Enrichment'

2016 AP YEAR END PHOTOS - German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives on the second day of the EU summit in Brussels on Oct. 21, 2016. (AP Photo/Olivier Matthys, File)

Paul Joseph Watson is an increasingly popular vlogger from Britain. The reason for his popularity is obvious to anyone who has ever taken the time to watch one of his YouTube videos: the guy is a fantastic truth-teller.


Case in point: This very strong vlog he uploaded a week ago. In it, he demolishes the “cultural enrichment of Germany,” which has caused (violent) crime to spike in recent years.

But hey, don’t you dare say something about it! If you do, you’ll simply be labeled a racist or a neo-Nazi, after which you’ll be boycotted by the politically correct establishment for the rest of your life.

Here some examples of the news stories mentioned by Paul to back up his case:

1. An Afghan immigrant raped and murdered 19-year-old Maria, after which he dumped her body in a river.
2. A 19-year-old Moroccan immigrant raped a 90-year-old grandmother.
3. While walking in a park, a young mother was sexually abused by two immigrants who forced her child to watch.
4. A 14-year-old girl was gang-raped by a gang of immigrants, who then laughed at her ordeal at their trial.
5. Girls as young as nine were molested by migrants in a swimming pool in Berlin.
6. Four women were sexually assaulted by immigrants at a party in Essen.
7. Immigrants (Muslims) plotted to kill kindergarteners by poisoning ice cream before blowing up their entire school.
8. A self-declared “soldier of ISIS” went on a rampage in Hamburg, attacking two teenagers and killing one.
9. A couple of weeks ago, a Syrian refugee was arrested in Stuttgart because he was planning to carry out a bomb attack.
10. The mayor of a German ski town is literally begging the authorities for help to combat “an explosive refugee crime wave.”


And on and on it goes. These stories are all from the last 8 weeks or so. And how does the German government respond to all these horrific crimes? You guessed it: by telling “populists” they should not dare try to “exploit” them for their own political benefit and/or stir up anger against immigrants in general.

To put it slightly differently, while German women are being raped and murdered and crime committed by immigrants is spiking, the German government is furiously obsessing over a few angry tweets and Facebook posts.

Welcome to Angela Merkel’s Germany, where immigrants can rape women as much as they please. Don’t you dare speak out against it.



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