Carly Fiorina for Veep!

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A few days ago, former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina came out and endorsed Ted Cruz for president. Today she explained on Fox News why she chose Cruz and why she believes the entire Republican Party should immediately rally behind him:


Ted Cruz is the only guy who can beat Donald Trump. The only way to beat Donald Trump is at the ballot box. All this discussion about a brokered convention is absurd, and so honestly speaking — while they are very good men and have run honorable campaigns — Marco Rubio has to step aside. And even if John Kasich were to win Ohio on Tuesday, he absolutely has no path. So people need to rally around Ted Cruz, the party needs to unify behind Ted Cruz in order to beat Donald Trump fair and square.

Next she lashed out at The Donald and her nemesis, Hillary Clinton. And she did so in a way that has me convinced that she should be Cruz’s running mate if he ends up winning this contest. First came the defense of Cruz, who’s criticized for not getting along with the establishment:

I’ve challenged the system all my life. And guess what, when you challenge the system, you do more than ruffle feathers. You make enemies. Ted Cruz has made enemies because he has challenged the system. But the system desperately needs to be challenged.

And then came the attack:

In fact, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the system. They’re two sides of the same coin. Neither one of them is going to reform the system, they benefit from the system. And the only guy who loses to Hillary Clinton right now in the polls is Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is beating Hillary Clinton in the polls.


She concluded:

So I think the party needs to unify behind Senator Cruz now, beat Donald Trump, so we can go on and beat Hillary Clinton.

As my friend Ali G. would undoubtedly say: Booyakasha!

That’s strong, but it’s even more powerful if you watch her in action in the video on the next page.

If Cruz performs well on Tuesday, it will be because of his own solid reputation among conservative voters, his fantastic campaign machine, and Fiorina’s hard work in the last few days. She’s doing an amazing job for him: she’s smart, witty, intelligent and charismatic, and she uses those strengths to help convince Republicans to unify behind Cruz. Something tells me if anyone — other than Cruz — can do so, it’s her.

And that leads me to the following: if Cruz ends up as the nominee, he’d better ask Fiorina to become his vice president. It’ll be glorious to see her unload day after day, week after week on Hillary Clinton.



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