Are we worried?

Iran’s Guardian Council has asked for an “extra five days”:,0,4945198.story to review the election (full text “here”: The Guardian Council had previously said the election was just “fine”:, there having been “no major polling irregularities.”
So what’s happening? Maybe, they are cooking up an explanation. Maybe there is behind the scenes quarreling. Or maybe, there is some sad guy sitting there filling in the extra ballots to justify Ahmadinejad’s supposed victory. Here’s what the conversation was probably like:
bq. Scene: a smoke filled room, loads of empty candy packets and empty coffee cups.
bq. Boss: How are the ballot papers coming along?
bq. Sad dude: Fine.
bq. Boss: When will those 20 million papers be ready?
bq. Sad dude: Soon
bq. Boss: How soon is “soon”?
bq. Sad dude: Next week
bq. Boss: Are you nuts? What am I gonna tell the Ayatollah?
bq. Sad dude: Five more days?
bq. Boss: Let me see what I can do. By the way, no need to put “Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” just put “Ahmadinejad”
bq. Sad dude: Now you tell me




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