American Library Association Mobilizes to Intimidate Parents Into Silence


PJ Media reported the heinous and graphic material that is available to children in Maine public schools. Parents went to the school board to report the disgusting content in the middle school and high school libraries in the Bonny Eagle school system that included bestiality, incest, and child rape. Parents read from the books, one after the other, finding over 100 books in the school catalog that contained violent and explicit themes. As a result of the meeting, the board voted to remove eight books until they could be reviewed and assessed for appropriateness.


In the clip below, you can hear an excerpt from one of the books pushed by the groomers who want to destroy children’s innocence and separate them from their families. I warn you, it’s so explicit that I had to set an age restriction on YouTube, and at the age of 46, I had never heard some of this stuff before (and wish I hadn’t). So don’t listen if you don’t want to be permanently scarred. I can’t even retype what is written in these books because Google will flag this article as “advertiser unfriendly.” Keep in mind this is what is being shown to kids as young as ten in almost every public school in the nation.

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One of the books even details a rape relationship between a female teacher and a student and romanticizes it as an affair. Just this year, a Bonny Eagle substitute female teacher was arrested for raping a student and intimidating the child not to talk to the police. Last year, a Maine school principal was arrested and charged with a similar crime. In the video below, a concerned parent reads excerpts from the book Boy Toy that describes the exact same adult/child statutory rape scenario as fulfilling and good.

After the board removed eight books, promising to review them, the radical American Library Association (ALA) wasted no time sending its hounds to intimidate the board. An offshoot of the ALA called the Maine Association of School Libraries (MASL) sent a letter with the intent to shame the board for allegedly violating the First Amendment and listening to parents instead of the communistic ALA guidance that demands even the youngest readers have access to X-rated material. (Don’t believe me? Read my book Shut Up! The Bizarre War That One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment for the deep dive on the horror inside the ALA.)


The letter was full of the same old lies the ALA trots out every time parents want librarians to stop selecting books that are inappropriate for young readers.

We are deeply concerned about the precedent set by your action in removing the books. Based on the outcome of the meeting on April 3rd, it would seem that anyone could come to a Board meeting and read an excerpt, cherry-picked from a book, without regard for the context or the quality of the whole book, with the expectation that the book will be removed from the school library, circumventing the safeguards of the IJJ policy process.

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Anyone? Taxpayers should be able to come to a board meeting that their tax dollars pay for and demand whatever they want. That’s why school board members are elected: to do the people’s business and bidding. They are not put there to take orders from a private organization out of Chicago, but the ALA calls parents and taxpayers “outsiders.” This is so typical of their attacks. It comes right from their playbook when challenged, and they did the exact same thing to me when I challenged the Orland Park Public Library (OPPL) for allowing men to watch porn in that library.

I grew up in the town next door to Orland Park with a library so small it was practically useless, so I would use my card to travel to the neighboring library that had sharing privileges and use their much larger selection. I was a regular user of the OPPL, but when the ALA got involved, they branded me an “outsider” and claimed that I made it all up to sell a book I hadn’t even written yet. It was that false allegation they made up out of thin air that led me to write the book. All that to say, this is their standard play against parents. They will demonize them, polarize them, and turn them into an enemy with some hidden, nebulous right-wing conspiracy. Here’s proof:


We also noted with dismay that many of the individuals who spoke so disparagingly of your district at the meeting appeared to have come from outside of your community. Nor was this simply a grassroots intervention by concerned parents speaking about books they had themselves encountered. Rather, they were reading from a script provided to them by well-funded national political groups, with results that have been seen in school board meetings around the country. Although they were reading excerpts from the books, you may have noticed that none of them held copies of the books. Instead, many appeared to be using their phones to access ready-made “Slick Sheets” found on a website called, which is run by a
political action group, Moms For Liberty.

They have a lot of nerve talking about “political action groups.” The entire ALA is one big political action group that lobbies on behalf of every Democrat pet issue there is. Let’s look at their home page and see what we find, shall we? In the tweet below, you can see screenshots of their initiatives. It’s ALL “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion,” which includes all the worst ideas Democrats come up with while in a drunken haze on Nancy Pelosi’s private plane. There are no initiatives supported by the ALA that cater to Republican pet issues like smaller government, parental rights, or voting reform.

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Imagine the nerve of these people pointing fingers at other people and claiming they’re the real political operatives! The ALA is so steeped in far-left politics and projects that if you find a librarian who is right of Fidel Castro, they will have run him out of his job many years ago.


Don’t be fooled by these people who cling hypocritically to the First Amendment while stepping on the First Amendment religious rights of authors like Kirk Cameron, who was banned from reading his Christian book at libraries. A search of the ALA’s website for “Kirk Cameron” turned up exactly one entry and it was a link to a hostile article calling Cameron “anti-LGBTQ” and defending libraries that chose to censor him and his book. These are not serious people. They are crazed clown-world activists and should be given no respect and no quarter.

Speaking of earned disrespect, I sent the MASL president, Heather Perkinson, a press inquiry that she was too afraid to respond to that you might enjoy. These people never accept my invitations to debate. I wonder why?

Hello Heather,
I’m writing an article about your letter to the Maine school board about removing the pornographic books. I have a few questions.

Nowhere in your letter do you address the harms done to children who are exposed to hard core porn (which these books are…detailing rape, incest, bestiality…all of which are illegal) and the harm to children who are exposed to these things is widely documented and studied. Why do your librarians care so little about safeguarding children?

The Supreme Court ruled in U.S. v. ALA that these types of materials are of no literary value and can be blocked or removed from libraries without violating anyone’s First Amendment rights. Why do you and the ALA continue to lie to public bodies about this fact? The First Amendment doesn’t protect obscenity like bestiality and you know that. One of the books that was removed described copulating with a dog, a cat, and a bear raping a young girl. Why do you think that is appropriate material for children?

Why is it your position that a duly elected school board that was elected to do the people’s (parents’) business should instead listen to a private organization? Where is your authority that says the school should listen to you over their constituents?

What evidence do you have (other than conjecture) that the people speaking at the meeting were out-of-towners with no stake in the matter? You provided no evidence of that claim.

Under what context would it be appropriate for a book describing a rape by a teacher against a student in the romanticized language (that is in fact categorized on Amazon as a “teen and young adult romance”) to be given to children who have suffered two arrests in their school of teachers who raped students? Why do you support normalizing student rape through these books?

Is there any depravity that the ALA and its offshoots like your organization would draw the line against and say, “No, we shouldn’t give that to children,”?

Why is it your position that gay and lesbian people must give children graphic blow by blow descriptions of their sex lives in order to feel “included” and “equal” to others? Are you aware there are gay and lesbian people who have been speaking out against these characterizations of them by your organizations? They say you are harming gay and lesbian people by telling the public that in order for them to be included you must give children graphic pornography. Do you know you are hurting gay and lesbian people who don’t want to sexualize kids or be associated with that in any way?

At what point did your organization decide it is noble to sexually molest the minds of children? Do you have a memo or something that went out describing this decision?

You say that the books should stay on the shelves until the review process is done. What would that serve to do other than expose more children to material that might be deemed inappropriate for them? Isn’t the better thing to do to remove them until the review is done? Why are you fighting that common sense decision?

How many pedophiles are within your organization? Does the Maine Association of Librarians do background checks on its members?

If you respond after my deadline I can update with a response after publishing.

I would like to invite you to come on my live stream to discuss your position on these books. Please let me know when you are available and I’ll set it up. I’ll give you two hours to convince the public that your organization isn’t actively trying to harm children through your activism to keep books about bestiality and incest in schools. You are welcome any time.


Megan Fox


The Bonny Eagle School District’s board members would do well to remember that it was the parents who elected them and not the radical blue-haired and bespectacled ALA activists from Chicago trying to worm their way into rural America. Oh yeah, that’s their new initiative. They’re coming for your rural kids now. Get your pitchforks ready, farmers.

Heather Perkinson, a person who should be roundly mocked and ridiculed for her defense of keeping obscene material in the view of children, has a special mission, and it’s all about turning your farm kids into proper urbanized social justice warriors who don’t know what gender they are.

Bonny Eagle parents, LISTEN TO ME! I know what’s coming next because it happened to me! Don’t ever be intimidated by the Heather Perkinsons of the world. The thing of which they accuse you is what they actually do. The next Bonny Eagle board meeting will be full of people wearing matching shirts and reading ALA talking points, wearing buttons, and even carrying matching printed signs. They will appear out of nowhere to make a big show and get all the local news headlines to demonize the concerned parents.

This will happen. Don’t let it intimidate you. It’s not real. They pay them (probably in pizza and a new shirt) to take a break from panhandling or stocking shelves to show up at your school meetings and pretend to be neighbors. Then the big whigs at that Office for Intellectual Freedom will fly in and dangle the “Intellectual Freedom Award” in front of the board if they keep the obscene material.

Very few board members can resist this which, is why there is no time to rest. They will choose one or two parents to demonize in the press and tell lies to reporters about them. If you do any interviews with the press, record everything and save it so you can force retractions when they misquote you. Avoid edited interviews and do live only. Keep moving forward no matter what they do. Ignore it all. Keep showing up. Keep reading the books out loud. It’s working. 


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