WATCH: Insurrection Underway at Tennessee Capitol

Police officers are getting plowed over right now by mobs of screaming protesters at the Tennessee capitol. It’s absolute chaos there as anti-gun nuts have broken into the chamber and shut down the People’s business, chanting something about justice and guns. They pushed through a line of state troopers to access the chamber. Oddly, it doesn’t look like anyone is getting arrested, pepper sprayed, tuned up with billy clubs, or hauled off to prison on charges of “sedition.”


We’ve returned to the status quo, where anyone on the left can break any law they wish and no one will go to jail. And if they are arrested, they’ll be bailed right out (probably by Democrats in the Tennessee legislature) and not even have to pay a fine.

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But if you’re on the other side of the issue or have ever voted for that Orange Man, you are not allowed to protest. If you try it, you’ll be investigated by the FBI, who will be at your door quicker than Barney Frank makes a beeline to the buffet at lunchtime.

An insurrection also occurred yesterday at the Kentucky Capitol. Insurrectionists had their Qanon Shaman-like character dressed up as a satanic goat-man chanting, “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” as protesters took over that capitol. Strangely, no mainstream media has been breathlessly reporting on any of these events or screaming about insurrections. Why is that?


The Kentucky protesters appeared to be angry trans-activists upset about not being able to chemically castrate or permanently surgically mutilate children in that state. They were very angry and threw a tantrum in the form of trespassing on the sacred ground of a government building.

Just before that, a massive insurrection took place at the Texas capitol by trans activists on March 27th. Strangely, there doesn’t appear to be any footage trending anywhere from the huge protest at the Texas Capitol. But look at the hundreds of people taking over the rotunda:

Searches turn up no footage at all of this protest, which appears to be connected to the others. It’s also telling that these direct actions have been planned days apart and not simultaneously, allowing for the same protesters to be shuttled between locations to make the crowds appear larger. This is a common practice with leftist protests. It’s a form of astroturfing for the cameras.


In February, a similar event happened in Oklahoma. There’s video of one arrest made after a trans-protester slapped a cop. I’ve been told that we aren’t allowed to protest on government property inside capitol buildings where the People’s business is being conducted. Why are the transurrectionists permitted to do it?


I think we can all safely say that this is a dark day for democracy, and those responsible should be held to the same standards as the rest of us. But it’s not going to happen. Do not get your hopes up.

While it’s maddening that the government doesn’t put the jackboot of the state on the necks of these protesters (unlike the J6 protesters), it’s still amusing to hear the screams of agony as Republican legislatures take away their ability to abuse kids. What is wrong with these people? Bring sanity back.

If Republicans in these states don’t crack down hard on these protesters who are breaking the law and send a message that this will not be tolerated, then they deserve even more of this disruptive malarky.




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