Arizona Christian University Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Bigoted School Board

Washington Elementary School District

Christians are under attack in one school district in Glendale, Ariz., and they’re not taking it lying down. Arizona Christian University has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging religious discrimination by the Washington Elementary School board. The school board canceled a contract they had with ACU to hire student teachers from the university because one board member said Christian teachers make LGBTQ students unsafe.


On Thursday night, hundreds of community members showed up at the Washington Elementary School District board meeting to tell them they’d made a huge mistake by putting into policy that the school will no longer hire graduates of Arizona Christian University to be teachers based on their Christian beliefs.

It is unclear what legal advice, if any, the school district sought before making such a policy by dissolving the contract between the district and ACU. One board member, Tamillia Valenzuela — who may be a furry and wears cat ears all the time and describes herself as a “disabled, neurodivergent, queer, black, Latina,” — was clearly behind the plot to cancel the contract with ACU due to her bigotry against Christian beliefs. Valenzuela is a self-admitted witch. Her Instagram page has a post on it that says “witchy AF.”

Listen to how Valenzuela talked the board into illegally discriminating against ACU without concern. It’s truly laughable. None of this is legal. It’s not even close. Valenzuela dramatically reads ACU’s mission statement in a horrified tone. “Above all else be committed to Jesus Christ, accomplishing his will and advancing his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.” She continued sounding more and more horrified as she went, referencing ACU’s “values that are foundational to Western civilization including the centrality of family, traditional, sexual morality, and marriage between one man and one woman.”


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Valenzuela argued for canceling the contract with the University because feelings or something. “I want to know how bringing people from an institution that is ingrained in their values that will [sic] very directly impact three of your board members who are a part of the LGBTQ COMMUNITY. We have added our pronouns at the dais as a solidarity [sic] …to let the LGBTQ [sic] know that we stand in making sure they feel protected.”

PJ Media’s Chris Queen wrote about this yesterday and made me laugh with his comments after more of Valenzuela’s verbal diarrhea.

“At some point we need to get real with ourselves and take a look [at] who we are making legal contracts with and the message that that is sending to our community because that makes me feel like I could not be safe in this school district,” Valenzuela said. “That makes queer kids who are already facing attack from our lawmakers feel that they could not be safe in this community.”

How many “queer kids” are there at the elementary school level? I can’t imagine that it’s too many, but other board members had similar concerns.


I hate to break it to Chris, but a majority of middle schoolers are now identifying as “queer” because it’s being pushed on them by groomer teachers and they know it’s a way to get love bombed by the “in-crowd.” Perfectly normal, heterosexual kids are now identifying as “demisexual” just so they don’t get called a bigot.

Some of the citizens who spoke to the board at Thursday night’s meeting were very eloquent. There wasn’t one who attacked Valenzuela with personal insults. (She claims she’s getting a plethora of death threats and hate. PJ Media has sent a FOIA request for those “death threats,” and we will release them if they exist.)

The lawsuit (linked below in full) was filed by Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys on behalf of ACU and is naming the district and the board members individually.


Defendants Gomez-Whaley’s, Abbott-Bayardi’s, Clayton’s, Peterson’s, and Valenzuela’s (in their individual capacities) comments and actions in expelling Arizona Christian and its students because of their religious status and beliefs were made with malicious intent, were oppressive, and/or were made in callous disregard to their federally protected rights.

Anyone who reads this can see it’s a slam-dunk win for ACU. This board was so full of its own importance and ascribed such high value to their “feelings” that they flagrantly violated the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act on the record!

The School District’s actions and practice, policy, or procedure has also put Arizona Christian and its students to the following impossible and unconstitutional choice: (a) adhere to their religious beliefs, message, and calling and forfeit participating in the School District’s student teacher program on equal terms with others; or (b) abandon their religious beliefs, sacrifice Arizona Christian’s religious mission, and be able to participate in the School District’s student teacher program.

When will the true believers of the LGBTQWTF cult realize their beliefs are also religious and understand the necessity of not infringing on personal beliefs? What they are advocating for — the right to discriminate against a religious group — will come back to bite them if people who want them silenced and marginalized are ever in power.


Speaking of a power shift, three of these board members’ seats are up for grabs in the next election. People of Arizona, take note. You need to get rid of this board. They are far-left radicals who are about to cost you millions.

PJ Media will follow this lawsuit and bring you updates as they happen.

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