The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 122: Murdaugh Guilty Despite Lots of Doubt and a Major Pain in the Neck

(PJ Media)

The Murdaugh trial is over, and if you didn’t watch it, then you don’t know yet that the state can present no evidence that you committed murder but put you away for it anyway. My main takeaway was, “he might have done it, but they sure didn’t prove it.” That’s a scary place to be. Our justice system only works when due process is respected.

Alex Murdaugh was supposed to be innocent unless proven guilty. Instead, the prosecution introduced a bunch of evidence of financial wrongdoing that should never have been in a murder trial and the jury decided since Murdaugh is a bad person (which he is) and that was enough to put him away for two life sentences. The jury didn’t make its verdict based on the evidence, or it would have necessarily had to return a “not guilty” verdict. Instead, they decided that Murdaugh is unlikeable and therefore guilty of murdering his wife and son.

The whole case was a travesty of justice. The only comfort is that Murdaugh was going to go to prison for his financial crimes anyway, so his outcome would have been largely the same. But it’s a tough pill to swallow that our justice system has been corrupted by “feelings” and revenge verdicts. This won’t end well.

Today’s show also includes updates on my neck pain and the latest medical shenanigans going on. Will this pain never cease? Tune in.



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