Want the Inside on CPS Corruption? Famed Civil Rights Lawyer Is Live-Streaming Devastating Depositions

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If you have been affected by child protective services (CPS) or any of its other monikers like DCFS or DSS, or if you know someone who has, I have the YouTube channel for you.


Famed civil rights attorney Shawn McMillan, who has sued CPS in California and Arizona and won millions of dollars in damages for clients whose children were taken unlawfully, is now live-streaming his depositions and taking questions and giving commentary. McMillan’s son James runs the channel and has started this project as a way to try to build a following of justice-minded citizens who like to see the government eat crow.

McMillan breaks down his depositions live most nights, and I find myself unable to stop watching. Many of the depositions are years old, but the information in them and the skill McMillan weaves that causes the nefarious social workers to tell on themselves are glorious to see. In almost every deposition, McMillan gets the CPS workers to admit they never sought a court order to take children from families. In other words, they broke the law.

You might remember my reporting on Rachel Bruno’s horrific experience with CPS in California. McMillan sued the county and the hospital involved in the abuse of her children and won seven figures. He is a superhero to the families suffering and struggling with CPS and a legend to me. McMillan is the only lawyer I’ve ever met taking on these cases that most lawyers won’t touch. I interviewed him on my live stream last week. You can see that interview starting at the 2:23:00 mark, and I highly recommend it. McMillan has sacrificed a lot to take these soul-crushing cases. Most attorneys avoid them because the time it takes to unwind a government corruption case will never be repaid with a $10,000 retainer or even a good chunk of the winnings. He donates a lot of his time, and it’s truly a labor of love for the families that have been ripped apart unlawfully by an overreaching, out-of-control state agency. If you want to thank him, go subscribe to his channel.


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CPS often takes children without a warrant and without “exigent circumstances” that would allow a removal without a court order. McMillan uncovers that, after they take the children, they subject them to medical tests that are nothing less than child abuse (including anal exams). These exams are done on children who aren’t even suspected as victims of sex abuse and could have been taken for the nebulous “neglect” allegation. Despite this, social workers confirm that those children are stripped naked and prodded and probed by strangers in order to determine if they’ve been abused. If they had not been abused, they would certainly feel as if they had been after the exams the social workers describe in graphic detail.

McMillan is a dogged interrogator with amazing patience who never lets up until the subject cracks—and when they crack (and they always do), the counties pay millions. If you like justice, you need this channel in your life. Subscribe now! And you might find me in the chat!




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