Transgender Bathroom Attack Superintendent: Birth Certificate Isn't Required! Except That's Not What Enrollment Paperwork Says

Last week, Edmond Schools Superintendent Dr. Angela Grunewald told the world that the reason a boy dressed as a girl was using the girls’ bathroom at Edmond Memorial High School—where he beat two female students and was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery—was because birth certificates are not required in order to enroll in the school. She also claimed that the boy’s appearance was good enough to fool administrators into thinking he was a girl.


Through weird shrugging, mugging, and smiling in a YouTube video the superintendent said, “In high school, birth certificates are not required to start school so there was no birth certificate in the [unintelligible] file at the time to verify one way or another.”

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But a parent sent PJ Media the enrollment paperwork from the Edmond School District. It clearly states that birth certificates are, indeed, required. It does not specify for which schools but is labeled for the whole district. The parent who sent us the enrollment paperwork said, “When we enrolled, we had to have our children’s birth certificates. Grunewald lied!!!”

Enrollment Form Edmond by PJ Media on Scribd

The paperwork specifies that there are six required documents, and number two on the list reads: “Legal birth certificate: It must be the certificate issued by the state or county where the child was born—not the hospital.”


PJ Media has reached out to Grunewald with the following questions:

  1. Why did you tell the public that birth certificates aren’t required for high school when that contradicts parent accounts and written district policy?
  2. Did you or other administrators deliberately withhold the trans student’s BC from his file so no one would know his true identity?
  3. Where did the student transfer after leaving your school and did you notify that community that they were receiving a violent offender?
  4. Does the new school know the offender is male?
  5. How long did you know that a boy was enrolled as a girl in Edmond Memorial High School?

If Grunewald responds, we will update our article.



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