Oregon Woman Doxed and Threatened by Antifa for Exposing Child Drag Performer Working with Accused Child Pornographer

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A Twitter user going by the name HoneyBadgerMom saw an ad for a child drag show at a local bar called Old Nick’s Pub near her home in Oregon and got concerned. She started researching the child who goes by the drag name “Vanellope Craving MacPherson DuPont.” HoneyBadgerMom, whose name is Chelly, started researching the drag shows that advertised Vanellope as a performer and found many troubling things, including the fact that one of the child’s “drag moms” was arrested for allegedly making and distributing child pornography.


Chelly started tweeting her findings about the possible child endangerment going on in Nick’s Pub.

Kelsey Boren, a biological female who does drag, was arrested for crimes against children and is currently in jail awaiting trial. Andy Ngo picked up Chelly’s report on Twitter and confirmed that Boren was photographed with the child, who had even taken on Boren’s drag name “Craving,” a common practice for “drag kids” being mentored by “drag moms.” Boren performed under the name “Alwaiz Craving.”

From Ngo’s report at the The Post Millennial:

Old Nick’s Pub is known locally in the university town for being a leftist bar, and it frequently hosts drag shows as well as sexual fetish events. Vanellope has performed at different events around the state of Oregon, sometimes with grown male performers in risqué outfits, since at least 2018. The girl has CashApp and Venmo accounts, where adults often send her cash tips. Photographs on her Facebook page also show her being showered on stage with dollar bills.


If you want to see the very disturbing photos of the child who, as her mother falsely claims, is not doing or wearing anything age-inappropriate, Ngo has published them in the linked article above. I don’t have the stomach to repost them here. Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t let an 18-year-old participate in the activities that this 11-year-old is doing, let alone wear the clothes she’s wearing. Vanellope’s mother might think it’s alright to let her daughter work in bars entertaining men for money and getting sexually charged messages through Venmo payments, but sane people have a right to comment about how bizarre and potentially illegal it is.

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After Chelly’s post went viral and people were rightfully questioning if this child was in an exploitive or dangerous environment, the mainstream press started running cover for the bar and the child’s parent. Chelly was accused of “doxing” the child, which she did not do, never naming her birth name or the name of her mother.

KZEI repeated false information from the child’s family about Chelly without contacting her.

Thanks to a woman known on twitter as “@hunnybadgermom”, who also felt the need to make assumptions about the situation and release the name of an 11 yo child to millions online, We, Vanellope’s family and friends have decided that its time to lay the rumors to rest and present the facts in regard to the relationship between Vanellope and Kelsey Meta-Boren. We realize that we should have made one earlier in the week but taking care of Vanellope has been our priority. V was made a victim of doxing by Mrs. HunnyBadgerMom, who is married to a well-known Proud Boy, which caused her to be unable to attend school the entire week due to safety concerns, causing serious stress, trauma, and anxiety for the child and family.


Chelly is not married, has never married or dated any Proud Boys, and did not release anything but what Vanellope’s mother made public online. “I’m single,” Chelly told PJ Media. “I’m not married to a Proud Boy.”

While the child’s mother claims that Vanellope was not mentored by Boren, it’s not in question that the child was photographed with her many times over several years and took her drag name, which has since been dropped since the situation was made public. In one photo with Boren, Boren wrote “my drag kid” referring to Vanellope in the caption. The mother’s categorization that the child’s relationship with the accused sex offender was only “professional” is still worrisome and a cause for alarm. This seems like a child endangerment problem. Is this child safe?

But the press loves to make excuses for anything remotely LGBT (even though this story is about straight women doing drag with children) and continued to repeat false information about Chelly, leading to her being stalked by Antifa. News reports that repeated the lies were printed in The Daily Beast, Yahoo News, and KEZI channel 9.

“We will absolutely destroy your life as you know it,” wrote someone with the handle Dirt McGirt to Chelly. “We have tons of piss ready for your face…Your home will become ground zero for political protests and I can’t f*cking wait for you not to be able to do a damn thing about it.” It is certain that police in Oregon will not do anything about Antifa harassment and violence, and everyone knows it.


As the threats started coming into her Twitter account, Chelly’s address was publicly posted on Twitter. Twitter Support has refused to remove the doxing even though it is against their terms of service. You can see a history of the harassment in the tweet thread above.

Chelly has been living in fear, afraid to leave her house. She came on my live stream on Rumble to talk about it on Monday. It should not be a crime punishable by doxing and threats against your home and livelihood to ask questions about a child who seems to be in real danger. Chelly didn’t do anything wrong. She did not use the child’s real name and did not post the name of her mother or where they live. All she did was repost publicly available information that the child’s own mother had posted online. For that, she has become the enemy of the media, which has done nothing but make excuses for a group of straight women with questionable sense using a child dressed in a sexualized manner to make money in bars. They allow this because the women are hiding behind a rainbow flag. It’s weird and someone should stop it. Until then, Chelly has started a Give Send Go to raise funds for security cameras for her home. Please help out if you can.






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