Why the Heck Did Amber Heard's Legal Team Call Her Back to the Stand?

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When you’re trying a case and your client is as unlikeable, unbelievable, and as downright bizarre as Amber Heard, you do not put her on the stand more than you absolutely have to. Instead, a good lawyer should rely on other witnesses and experts who are likable and keep their unsavory client’s participation to a minimum. That’s basic trial savvy. But in the case of Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard, the norm doesn’t exist. Everything is upside down and inside out. It feels a lot like the mirror dimension in Doctor Strange.


Instead of playing it safe, Heard’s lawyers put the Magic Mike XXL actress, who is prone to extreme exaggeration and perjuring herself, on the stand for a second time right at the end of the defense’s time to let her get wrecked by the plaintiff’s counsel, superstar Camille Vasquez. It wasn’t even close to being good for Heard. It was an absolute disaster for the defense.

This entire cross-examination has to be seen to be appreciated. Vasquez has been an absolute bulldog throughout this case, refusing to let Heard get away with lies. It’s a sight to behold. She will single-handedly inspire thousands of girls to want to grow up to “be a Camille.” There’s even merch. When the media lies to you and says this trial is about misogyny, remind them about Vasquez and the millions of people watching her and cheering her on. It’s not every day you get to see a small woman take down a bat-winged harridan with facts and evidence. The media and their #MeToo minions are desperate for you to believe them that Heard is telling the truth so they can hold onto their power, but they presented no evidence to back that up.


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The cross-examination revealed that one photograph submitted by Heard as evidence was used to illustrate two incidents of alleged “domestic violence” on two separate occasions. Not only that, but the crux of this case—did Amber Heard write about Johnny Depp in the Washington Post purposefully and in doing so defame him?—was blown wide open. She admitted during the cross that she did write it about him and she meant it to destroy his power. You cannot get a better admission than that in court. On top of that, Heard denied that an eyewitness–Morgan Night, the owner of the Hicksville Trailor Palace–was even present the night he witnessed her screaming at Depp and saw Depp cowering in fear. Vasquez got her to admit to the jury that she thinks everyone is lying but her. Even people who aren’t connected to Depp in any meaningful way–like a TMZ reporter, a hotel manager, an airport security professional, and four LAPD officers (and that’s just the first few I thought of; there are many more).


Please watch this so you know what kind of deceitfulness Vasquez has been battling for the last six weeks. It’s an incredible cross. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for and it’s stellar.

Vasquez should be proud. She’s a woman who is so good at her job that people are writing songs about her. This one below is on iTunes too. I already downloaded it. Imagine being so good at your job that strangers on the internet write love ballads about you. Feels good, man.




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