[WATCH] NY Dad Assaulted and Dragged Out of School Board Meeting for Not Wearing Mask

(ROC for Educational Freedom Facebook screenshot)

Dave Calus was sitting quietly without a mask at a Webster, N.Y., school board meeting on Tuesday night when he was roughly assaulted on camera by several men, not in uniform, who dragged him violently out of the meeting. Video footage shows a man walking up behind Calus’s chair and saying something to him right before he violently drags the chair Calus is sitting in and dumps him out of it, attempting to remove him from the room.


Webster board members Jennifer Richardson and Jennifer Birdsong were photographed on Sunday with Superintendant Brian Neenan unmasked at an event with lawmakers. No one dragged them out for violating the governor’s mask mandate.

Calus tries to stay inside the Webster board meeting, but the person acting as a security guard, who was later identified as a retired sheriff’s officer who may work for the district in an unknown capacity, continues to manhandle him until, eventually, two more guards hustle him out of the building. Webster police stood by and watched this scene without intervening.

Masking in New York is a hotly contested issue and one day after this assault, Governor Kathy Hochul lifted the mask mandate for all businesses, but not schools. This, despite a court ruling that her mask mandate is unenforceable and unconstitutional. That decision is on appeal, with a judge granting a stay of the governor’s mandate until it works its way through the appeals process.


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Many parents in New York have decided that civil disobedience is the way forward. Calus was peacefully protesting the mandate by sitting quietly, not bothering anyone, when he was violently attacked. The school is not answering the phone and has not responded to PJ Media’s inquiries as to who exactly the assaulting men were. Some say it was private security. Does private security hired by a school have the right to commit this kind of violent action? One thing about New York parents is that they are not afraid to sue. Multiple lawsuits against masking in schools have already been filed, with more to come.

New Yorker and radio talk show host Shannon Joy was arrested for not wearing a mask properly at her child’s school board meeting. Those charges were dropped by the state but a lawsuit is in the works against the school for that action. It is likely that the Webster School District will find itself on the receiving end of a process server soon.

Radio talker and Army veteran Bob Lonsberry spent Wednesday morning discussing the event and tweeted out, “If you put your hands on me, and your first name isn’t ‘Officer,’ you’re breaking the law and you’ve just started a fight, and one of us is going to end up pissing blood.”


Calus did try to resist but was overpowered. The Daily Wire reported he was taken to urgent care for injuries.

Watch the video below.


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