Vaccine Pusher Gov. Kathy Hochul's Daughter-In-Law Is Top Lobbyist for Big Pharma

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As blue-state governors across the fruited plain read the tea leaves that point to devastating losses in the midterms for Democrats and drop the insane mask mandates for school children, New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul is doubling down on tyranny. Hochul the Horrible—as she is known locally—has not only refused to end the mandate for schools but is set to extend it until March while ending it for businesses and everyone else as early as tomorrow. This has set off a state-wide scream from frustrated parents that can almost be heard over the sounds of the moving trucks headed toward Florida.


Hochul has also said that she wants to see more vaccination in children before lifting the mask ban, holding it like a carrot in front of exhausted parents who are suffering with children who now have speech delays and anxiety and depression brought on by masking for eight hours a day with no breaks.

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But why is Hochul doing that? Why is she the only governor who wants to see more children vaccinated before the mandate can go away? Maybe it’s because her own family has a major stake in Big Pharma, and she has an interest in catering to that constituency. CNBC reported that Christina Hochul, the unelected governor’s daughter-in-law, is a top lobbyist for Biogen. This is actually a little comedic. Biogen doesn’t make COVID vaccines, but it is credited for being responsible for one of the first super-spreader events of the pandemic.

The biotech conference would quickly become a superspreader event, launching the COVID-19 outbreak in eastern Massachusetts and causing as many as 330,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide, according to a study published in the journal Science.

Biogen has also had serious issues with its drug that it claims helps Alzheimer’s patients: it doesn’t.

The fact that Hochul has a member of her own family drawing a big paycheck from Big Pharma for lobbying lawmakers in New York in order to approve (and often mandate) their products on the populace should be a big problem for everyone. Biogen’s headquarters is actually located just a few minutes away from Moderna’s headquarters in Massachusetts. Moderna is one of the major manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine. How many Moderna lobbyists has Christina Hochul introduced to her mother-in-law, I wonder? Does anyone else wonder that? Is anyone in the press curious at all about these cozy ties between Big Pharma and government during a time when billions of dollars are flowing back and forth from the government to pharmaceutical companies and back again?


Which lobbyists are in the governor’s ear right now? If there are any from the pharmaceutical industry delaying the removal of the mask mandates so that they can push more products on our kids, don’t we have the right to know that? There’s no rational explanation for why Hochul is determined to keep our kids gagged unless she’s benefitting from it in some way. Or she’s a psycho, which is also a possibility.

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“Let’s get more children vaccinated so they have that suit of armor they need to be protected,” Hochul said during a news conference. “I am optimistic that we’re trending in that direction, but I still need the time.”

Time for what—the pharmaceutical companies to make more money? The data does not suggest that anyone should wait one more minute before removing the masks from our kids. New York is one of only eight states doing this, and it hasn’t made one bit of difference in transmission or cases of COVID. So what is she waiting for?


#Hochul is trending on Twitter. Here are a few examples of the sentiment that is being expressed.

Welcome to New York, the 10th, previously undiscovered circle of Hell.



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