Media Meltdown Over Justice Sotomayor's Failure to Cope with the Risk of Living

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The usual sources of outrage are all atwitter over the fact that Justice Sotomayor isn’t a queen with the authority to demand that other justices wear face gags at her behest. Apparently, the overweight and diabetic Sotomayor wants everyone around her to take extra precautions to care for her after she didn’t care for herself, which puts her in a higher risk category for COVID complications. While her Type 1 diabetes was not avoidable, Sotomayor’s weight problem is surely manageable through diet and exercise. She isn’t hiring a personal trainer or going on a diet; oh no, that would require personal responsibility. Instead, she is demanding that everyone around her wear masks or she will stay in her office and zoom into hearings.


What a perfect solution! That’s where she should stay. 

Anyone at this point, when there are vaccines and therapeutics available to deal with COVID, who is still demanding that you do something to keep them safe should be given a hard “no.” Justice Gorsuch has done just that and is refusing to wear a mask. Good. Let the hypochondriacs live a life confined inside, alone, separated from all society, and ordering from Grubhub. The rest of us have things to do.

Life is risk, your highness.

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car you have a good chance of dying in a fiery crash. Every time you shovel snow you risk a heart attack. Every time you drive through Dunkin Donuts and bite into that Boston creme you’re risking diabetes, and yet we drive and we shovel and we indulge. A Supreme Court justice has work to do that needs doing regardless of the risk. And since she can continue to do it from the “safety” of her office (where she thinks an airborne virus can’t travel), then leave her to it.


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Why is the media making a big deal about this, calling it “absolutely shameful” that Gorsuch won’t wear a mask? Why aren’t they asking why Justice Sotomayor won’t go on a diet and start an exercise regimen? Why is it Gorsuch’s problem that Sotomayor doesn’t look after herself?

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire makes a good point. “Gorsuch’s refusal to wear a mask didn’t ‘force’ Sotomayor to work remotely. Sotomayor can also: 1. Quit or 2. Have remotely sane risk tolerance practices.” Hear, hear. 


The real issue here is the justice who can’t be bothered to take basic care of her own health while trying to force everyone around her to make up for her long life of indulgence and risky eating. You did this to yourself, madam. Kindly shut up about it and hide in your office if it makes you feel better, but consider that perhaps your choices haven’t been the greatest if you are someone who is concerned about “health.” Go to the gym. Eat more vegetables. Justice Ginsburg had a daily session with a personal trainer. That woman was a machine! What’s stopping Sotomayor from chasing after a healthy lifestyle instead of a second cheeseburger?

Scott Morefield opined, “If triple-vaxxed Sotomayor is still frightened, she has the freedom to wear four masks and a HAZMAT suit. It’s time to stop catering to tyrannical hypochondriacs. Neil Gorsuch is a hero.”

Hypochondriacs need to either invest in bubbles or stay the hell at home. No one needs this anymore. It’s time to get back to work, regardless of the risk. Like Scott Adams likes to say, come February One, the people are done. Let’s make that happen with Gorsuch leading the way.



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