Weekly Good News Round-Up: Matthew McConaughey, Wild Visitors, and 'Love on the Spectrum'

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Happy Friday everyone! The sun finally came back out in New York and it is a beautiful autumn day. Plans for the afternoon include a pumpkin patch with a pumpkin-spiced latte, wearing a pumpkin-colored knitted hat and some plaid and leather. People in Florida might be free to breathe and gainfully employed without the threat of force, but you’ll never have a chilly fall afternoon lakeside in New York (while trying to avoid being arrested for not wearing a mask). I know. You’d choose the freedom and sweating to death in a pumpkin patch. I have to take what I can get, okay?


Alright, alright, alright!

Matthew McConaughey is tossing around the idea of running for governor of Texas. This should be entertaining. I wonder if his platform will include naked drum-circle Tuesdays. But what really made me laugh was his internal argument about getting into politics. “One side I’m arguing is ‘McConaughey exactly, that’s why you need to go get in there.’ The other side is ‘that’s a bag of rats, man. Don’t touch that with a ten-foot pole.'”

I think it’s the talking to himself in the third person that really gets me giggling. I don’t think Texas is ready for a McConaughey administration but it might be fun to watch the show.

Time to play with the dogs…

What would you do if you found this silly intruder playing with your dogs? Show this to the kids if you have any. Mine got an enormous kick out of it.

Let’s Go Brandon!

It’s no secret that the expletive “F*** Joe Biden” has been making its way into the popular vernacular in sports arenas everywhere. Ever since one sportscaster tried to pretend like the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon,” social media has been lit up with memes about the phenomenon. It’s pretty hysterical. Here’s my favorite. (Warning: language)

And one should not miss the Babylon Bee’s take on the viral chant. Remember, Joe Biden was “elected” by “81 million votes.” Sure, Jan. 

Finally, a dating show that isn’t gross!

If you want to feel uplifted turn on “Love on the Spectrum,” which is now in its second season on Netflix. This show is the furthest thing away from “The Bachelor” and all the trainwrecks that make that cesspool possible. The show follows autistic singles and helps them start dating. It is truly adorable. I think the best thing about it is how much more normal these people are when it comes to dating. No one is hooking up after knowing each other for five hours. They go out on several dates before even asking to hold hands. (How sweet is it that they ask each other if they can hold hands?) Frankly, neurotypical people can learn a lot from the neurodivergent when it comes to politeness and appropriate behavior on a date. It’s most likely because autistic people have been to therapy to help them socialize and they work on those skills like you would learn to play a sport. Perhaps all of us could use that therapy. That’s my big takeaway from this show—the stars of it make everyone else look uncivilized.

This show has so many laughs and heartwarming moments. It’s a must-see that will give you faith in humanity again.

Have a wonderful, love-filled weekend!



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