We Checked Out All the Alleged 'Threats' Against School Board Members. Here's What We Found.

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I know what you must be thinking: Wow, this school board situation must be serious for the FBI to be called in. I’m sure the Department of Justice wouldn’t take such drastic action—weaponizing the FBI against American parents—without good reason, right? 

Think again, friend. The National School Board Association (NSBA)  sent a hysterical letter to Joe Biden, breathlessly demanding help as school boards across the nation have been bombarded by large crowds of angry parents demanding that they stop indoctrinating their kids with far-left ideology like Critical Race Theory. Some of the protests have been over the idiotic masking of our kids when almost no one (including kids) has to wear masks anywhere else outside of schools.

But the NSBA claims that these protests are coming with threats! They say that these incidents “have become more prevalent – during public school board meetings, via documented threats transmitted through the U.S. Postal Service, through social media and other online platforms, and around personal properties.”

But what, specifically, are they referring to that can’t be handled by local police? Luckily for us, in their letter, they listed all the supposed incidents that have them wetting their pants in fear. Let’s take a look at them one by one. (Keep in mind they chose these incidents as examples of why we should waste the federal law enforcement arm on intimidating their political enemies.)

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At Poway United School a “small, disruptive group forced their way inside the district office, pushing past staff. The group was politely asked to leave but refused.” The protesters were there because the board would not let people into the room who wanted to be there. The board canceled the meeting and walked out. No injuries were reported. No arrests were made.”

A school in Florida doesn’t want the public talking to them about off-topic issues. “Over the past year, large crowds have shown up to address items that are not always on the agenda, like critical race theorymasking in schools, or complaints over items in the curriculum.” If that’s not terrifying enough, check out what this guy did. “One man at a recent meeting was threatened with removal by police after he asked if all the board members had their high school diplomas.” Lock him up forever. The article goes on to say that the board members want people who “insult them” removed by police. I’m not kidding.

Public officials who ran for public office think they have a right to not face “verbal abuse” at the Marysville School Board. If that’s not funny enough, here’s what happened.

Disruptions outside the meeting room, including protesters banging on windows, forced a recess of the meeting. Then, as shown in a Facebook Live recording, protesters, in reaction to a vote by board members to adjourn, begin yelling obscenities. “You f***ing cowards,” erupts one man. “Get back here and do your f***ing job,” another yells. As the shouting continues, one man, grasping a U.S. flag on a flagpole walks quickly to the dais to confront board members, followed by Marysville police officers who step between the man and board members. “Yeah, run away,” taunts a protester, as board members file out of the room. “Go lick [Gov. Jay] Inslee’s boot,” says one. As board members left the room, an object is thrown in their direction.

In response, the board acted illegally and canceled all public meetings in the future. They should be sued. There were no arrests reported. Police just ushered the people out of the room and kept the peace. You know…they did their job.

“Nearly 100 people refused to wear face masks as required or leave the Thursday night meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Education, shouting and arguing until board members left and convened the meeting in another room,” reported The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Many in the crowd wore T-shirts that said, ‘Unmask our children,’ or ‘We the people take back our schools.’ They yelled, ‘no,’ when board members asked them to wear masks, and chanted, ‘My body, my choice.'” Oh no, Karen! The peasants are engaged in civil disobedience! What should we do? I know! Let’s call the FBI.

So far, I’m not finding anything that requires federal investigation. What are they going to investigate? It’s not hard. We’re all sick of this sh*t. We’re so sick of it that we’re making life as difficult for school boards as they are making it for our kids. So what? I have it on good authority that when we don’t like what politicians are doing we can even harass them in public bathrooms, so what are these people complaining about? They wanted this job where they are accountable to the public. Maybe they should start doing what the public wants and the public will stop interrupting their quiet little board meetings. I dunno. Just an idea.

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Oh, but there’s more. Maybe I’ll find a string of murders that would require FBI involvement. It’s still early.

Clark County had an event that didn’t go so well.

The School Board left the room three times within the first two hours of the meeting — evacuating once for about 10 minutes as shouting from the audience intensified and twice for five-minute recesses.More than 10 people who disrupted the meeting were told to leave and did, or were escorted out of the room by police, including one attendee who was handcuffed. Among them was a group of about six people wearing yellow hazmat suits.

Seems like the police handled it just fine. No murders, just people yelling about stuff. Scary for lefty bedwetters, though. I’ll give them that. 

But perhaps someone burned down a school or looted a supply closet somewhere. I’m still looking.

Here’s an article the NSBA linked that says there were threats on social media targeting a school, but there’s no proof of what those threats were. Forgive me, but if there are no photos or videos it didn’t happen. 

The governor of North Carolina claimed that parents are “bullying” and “intimidating” school boards in this article, but when you read the whole thing, this is the worst claim: “There were signs, chants — and inside — a packed room of parents and educators.” OMG! People were carrying signs and chanting inside? Call the feds!

This guy got arrested for “some type of physical altercation at the school.” No, really. That’s what the news said. They had no details at all about this alleged assault. But an arrest was made and the cops handled it, whatever it was. PSA: if you are ever arrested, this is the kind of mugshot you need. Always put on a big grin. It will confound your enemies in the future. Is that a mugshot or an ID photo? No one can tell. Brilliant.

Police are searching for a guy who compared school board members to Nazis. For real. What country is this?

Police are investigating a man who flashed a Nazi salute and chanted “Heil Hitler” during a raucous Birmingham Board of Education meeting over a mask mandate for students.

Unruly anti-maskers booed and hurled insults at board members and speakers, including a high school student, who spoke in favor of face coverings during the meeting Wednesday evening.

I don’t see an arrestable offense here but, maybe I’m wrong and free speech doesn’t include “hurling insults” in 2021. Is this really something that needs FBI intervention?

After searching through story after story linked to the NSBA letter I found that meetings were “stopped after disruptions” or “swarmed by the public” (which really just means well-attended) or described as “unruly,” or having an “argument break out,” and an arrest here or there for disorderly conduct. But there was nothing substantially worrying. After what seemed like hours I finally found a written “threat.” But is it though?

The letter sent to some school board members was angry, but no violence was threatened. The worst line said, “We’re coming after you and all the members on the Worthington BoE,” and it ended, “Have a miserable, miserable day for the rest of your life you filthy traitor.” But there was no violence suggested or even implied. And the person who wrote it signed it! Do you sign a letter where you threaten violence—which is a crime? The author makes it clear that “coming after” means politically because later in the letter he writes, “We are coming after all your pensions for what you have allowed.”

The letter details how the citizens plan to make the board members’ lives miserable by legal activities like protesting and voting them out. It’s not a threat in any illegal sense. The people claiming it is are making a mountain out of a molehill for sympathy clicks. A review of the Facebook comments on it reveals how sickeningly soft Americans are and that they don’t understand that politics is a rough-and-tumble game. If you can’t handle insults, you are in the wrong kitchen, my friend. You should go be a dental assistant or something if words like “filthy traitor” bother you. I’ve heard much worse in my tenure in the political sphere.

Threats to act against someone politically are not illegal, nor are they something to whine about in public—and they certainly don’t need a federal investigation. It’s called political activism, morons.

There isn’t one legitimate threat on the NSBA’s list or a situation that wasn’t handled easily by the police. What the NSBA wants to do is crack down on free speech and, stupidly, they attached to their letter every example of parents speaking freely and demanding that the FBI stop it. If the FBI begins carrying out the desires of the NSBA to harass and intimidate Americans for speaking out against their government, there will be hell to pay legally.

It’s time to revisit my motto. Sue everybody!



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