Weekly Good News Round-Up: Trump the King, Single Lady Seeks a Big Man, and Vaccine Passport Resistance

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Well, it’s not good news that I’m late to this installment of the good news of the week, but I have a decent excuse. My oldest daughter went to her first dance and I got caught up in all the prep around that big event. How excited were we that there was a normal event like a homecoming dance to go to? Pretty excited.


Orange Man Awesome

Another thing to get jazzed up about is that the president (the only one we care about) is back being hilarious on late-night TV. This is seriously the greatest interview series he has done. I cannot stop laughing. More of this, please.

There are other segments of this interview out there. Go find them and watch them. It’s great to see President Trump looking so good and ripping jokes again at the expense of Democrats. I miss this Trump so much.

Filling the Void

It’s been hard for me—and I’m sure a lot of you—since Rush Limbaugh died. There is a hole in my afternoon that nothing available on talk radio seems to fill. I stopped listening to newstalk after he left us and I haven’t gone back. But what I have found that fills that void (somewhat—let’s be honest, it’s never going to be the same) are the true crime podcasts I’ve discovered such as To Live and Die in LA. This podcast is narrated by Neil Strauss, a reporter at Rolling Stone and author of The Game, a dating manual for men which I actually read years ago and found extremely entertaining. Strauss knows how to tell a good story. Listening to podcasts like this one have helped me fill that empty space where I free up my hands from my computer and have someone talking to me while I do the laundry and dishes and whatever else I need to do that I don’t need to focus on totally. A few others I’ve discovered that are great are “Criminal” with Phoebe Judge, and “Even the Rich,” about the weird things wealthy people get involved in.

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I find that the break from politics is exactly what I need and it’s a welcome relief to just be entertained for a while by good stories. Do you have a favorite podcast? I’d love to hear about it if you do, so drop them in the comments section.

Any Single Guys Out There? Looking for Big Fellas Only.

This Canadian woman, Marcy, has put herself out there in search of love in a hilarious way and is making it clear what she is looking for. I love her. One of you big strapping guys out there might too. Look her up. The world needs more love and this is a girl who totally deserves it. Her ribs sound pretty good, too. She says she’s good with rubbing meats!

Vaccine Mandate Dies in England

Well, with the federal takeover of the red states here in America happening at lightning speed, you may have to search outside of the country to live. While that might seem like bad news, it looks like England might be an option. They’ve ditched plans to have  vaccine passports at least. The Epoch Times reports, “The plan to mandate CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccine passports for nightclubs and crowded events in England will not go ahead, UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Sunday.” At least they speak English there, which is always a plus when searching for a place to relocate. (I do not recommend their breakfast offerings, however. Whoever invented beans on toast should be sued. Ew.)

That’s all for this week! Have a great rest of your weekend (all eleven hours of it).


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