Back to School Basics: Here Are the Best Recording Devices for Digital Davids to Record Unhinged Teachers' Raging Rants

Spy cam glasses.

It should be evident by now that if your kids are in public school they are going to be subjected to the unhinged rantings of woke teachers who think it’s their job to politically brainwash them. We have all seen example after example of these nutjobs with teaching degrees going ape on a classroom full of kids who just showed up to learn some reading and writing skills. There is no shortage of these bespectacled scolds chomping at the bit to denigrate parents, disparage white people, and abuse any student who dares argue.


Alissa Piro in California is one of my favorites caught on camera daring parents to “come at” her if they don’t like the way she’s teaching distance learning. Those of us who suffered through public school “distance learning” know exactly why she was being criticized. The whole thing was a total failure, but you keep on comparing yourself to a medical doctor, Alissa.

“I know very little about anything else in the world except education,” she told her captive class. “However, if your parent wants to come talk to me about how I’m not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual…I dare them to come at me. I’m so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their jobs.”

But now that classes are held in person, some teachers feel even more emboldened to spew their politics and general hatred unmonitored…so they think. I wrote yesterday about a (now former) Utah teacher, Leah Kinyon, who went on a political tirade against Trump and conservative students in her class. She no longer has a job because of it. But that justice would have never happened if someone hadn’t been filming and willing to smuggle that video out.

If your kids are attending a government school, they must be armed and ready with one or more recording devices to make sure this kind of indoctrination does not happen under the cover of darkness. If it does, they can capture it. Smartphones are good, but not all schools allow them in class. Some teachers make kids check them at the door. If that happens to your students, you can make sure they still have a way to capture the far-left lunacy happening inside the classroom.


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Here are some of the best hidden recording devices out there that are both affordable and easy to conceal. By the way, there is no expectation of privacy in a government school building unless it’s a bathroom. Check your local laws, but anyone trying to tell you that public buildings are somehow exempt from public recording is probably a lying shill with a government paycheck.

Remember kids: ABR. “Always Be Recording” and send those recordings to me at [email protected], where I will use them to rid your school of these Red Army wannabes.

Spycam Pen

Spy pen.

There is no way anyone is going to suspect this sleek pen/spy cam. With the click of a button, your student can either film with audio or record audio-only. At under $30, this device is a steal with high ratings. One reviewer said, “Such a cool little device! Well built and doesn’t feel ‘cheap’ at all. Video and audio quality are actually very good despite the size of the camera. The big bonus is that it comes with a 32GB micro sd card included.”

The pen has 150 minutes of battery life, which should be sufficient to capture any off-topic rant by radical teachers your student happens to be stuck with.

Key Fob Cam
Key fob spy cam.

For high school students, this key fob camera is perfect. Stick it on a keychain and lay it on your desk pointed at your favorite brainwasher and touch a button to start recording. This little genius device is just over $30. It has 32GB storage and 90 minutes of battery life and could rid you of your Marxist indoctrinator in no time.

Key Chain Voice Recorder
Keychain recorder.

Maybe the camera is too much for your kids to worry about. No problem. Gift them with this handy keychain audio recorder for just under $50. It has 24 hours of recording time and 64 GB of memory. This baby comes with headphones for instant playback if you want to check what you captured right away. Video is best, but audio works too, and this device has much more memory capability if you are expecting to be recording lots of Marxists throughout your school. Think of it like Pokemon: This little gem can catch them all!

Spy Glasses
Spycam glasses.

At just over $40, these glasses could come in very handy. It’s a hands-free way to record what is happening at eye level, which is very good for capturing good video. These glasses support a 32GB memory card that is not included and must be purchased separately. The reviews are mostly good. These glasses take still photos as well as video with the touch of a button. Recording time is around 70 minutes.

One verified purchase reviewer said, “I was really amazed by the perfect picture and audio quality of these glasses. Takes a bit to figure the code and placement of the card. But once set up it was beautiful video and sound!! Thank you for a great product!”

Don’t send your kids back to school unprepared for the Marxist onslaught. Hold teachers accountable to the public that pays their salaries by keeping transparency alive in the classrooms of America. With such low prices on these devices, there’s no excuse for students not to be wired at all times. Let’s build an army of Davids, like Glenn Reynolds says, by building an army of James O’Keefes.



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