[WATCH] Congressman Chip Roy Explodes Over Nancy's New Mask Mandate: 'This Institution Is a Sham'

House Television via AP

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) has had enough of the confusing mask mandates and let loose on the floor of Congress on Wednesday in opposition to Nancy Pelosi’s new order for all representatives, whether vaccinated or not, to put masks back on.


“We have a crisis at our border and we’re playing footsie with mask mandates in the People’s House,” he said. “We’ve got thousands of people pouring across our border—and Democrats don’t do a darn thing about it—heavily infected with COVID.”

Roy then quoted New York Times editor Talmon Joseph Smith, who wrote, “What a mess. CDC about to reverse on indoor masking for the vaccinated. This is some serious nanny state stuff that will only breed resentment.”

You have to hear the whole thing. “This institution is a sham and we should adjourn and shut this whole place down,” Roy concluded.


That NYT editor had another tweet that I found particularly interesting: “Forget gerrymandering, Democrats may end up getting crushed in ’22 just off these late stage covid protocols alone.” Let’s hope they’re not smart enough to figure it out in time.


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