BUSTED: Berkeley Teachers' Union Boss Caught on Camera Taking His Child to Private School While He Keeps Public Schools Closed

Berkeley Teachers Union Boss Matt Meyer, image from YouTube video.

A group of moms calling themselves “Guerilla Momz” have released a video of Matt Meyer, Berkeley Federation of Teachers President, taking his own child to in-person private school while public school kids in his district sit at home. Parents are fed up with teachers’ unions refusing to open schools and now they’re doing something about it.


A statement by the group calls for the end of the hypocrisy.

Matt Meyer Berkeley Federation of Teachers President blocks opening public schools in-person, yet has had his own child in in-person school since June 2020. Stop the hypocrisy. Our children are suffering. Open schools full-time Now.

Teachers’ unions across this nation are wielding their power to keep your kids out of school while they go on vacations in the Caribbean or put their kids in private schools. Don’t forget that Chicago Teachers’ union boss Sarah Chambers jetted off to Puerto Rico to have some fun in the sun while also telling parents it’s “not safe” to go to school.

Teachers’ Union Boss Advocates for Keeping Children Out of School While She Parties in Caribbean

Tensions between parents and teachers has been escalating all year and now moms are fighting back by engaging in guerilla journalism to catch the union culprits red-handed.

Guerilla Momz sent PJ Media a statement about the situation in Berkeley.

GuerillaMomz is a group of angry mothers, who are tired of the lies and delay in opening schools in Berkeley. We want our schools open TODAY, five days a week, just as city, county, and California public health has said we can safely do TODAY. Other districts around us are open, have been open for months, and intend to move to 5 days a week. Berkeley children’s right to a free public education has been violated for a year.

Meyer has said for months it is not safe to open schools, all the while taking his own child to school. He also told the school board meeting, based on his own experience as a teacher, kids would not wear masks. Meanwhile, his own 2-year-old was wearing a mask at school and complying, because it is a requirement of the school his kid attends.

The school district is lying to the public, saying it is opening schools in April. It is not – there is no plan for any on-campus instruction for the entire year. For elementary, middle or high school. Just two hours of afternoon social time, two days a week. Teachers will be fully vaccinated by April, yet they will not return, even though fully protected. By the time September rolls around, Berkeley children will not have had a single day of instructional time on campus for 18 months. That is the current plan in Berkeley – no schools, lots of excuses, lots of delay. GuerillaMomz says enough – open schools today!


Guerrilla Momz told PJ Media that this isn’t the only stakeout they have in the works. When asked if we can expect more undercover work, their response was, “Yes.” Stay tuned. Berkeley moms are fed up and the teachers’ unions are in their crosshairs. Matt Meyer won’t be the last one they nab.

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