Netflix's 'I Care A Lot' Is a Fantastic Revenge Fantasy for Anyone Suffering in Family Courts

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I feel like the years I and others have spent exposing the family court fraud being perpetrated on American families is finally paying off. With the high-profile documentary about the guardianship of Britney Spears exposing the power of courts over individuals and the hit documentary The Guardians on Amazon Prime that exposed the criminal activities of Nevada guardian April Parks that led to her imprisonment, the subject of family courts is everywhere. And now, it just hit Netflix in the form of the highly entertaining and deeply satisfying revenge fantasy, I Care A Lot, starring Rosamund Pike as Marla Grayson, the utterly corrupt and scheming court-appointed guardian who colludes with doctors to take custody of wealthy seniors and bleeds them dry of their wealth and sanity. She is April Parks on steroids.


The incomparable Dianne Wiest plays Jennifer Peterson, Marla’s latest target, who is not what she appears. The story takes a dark and silly twist when Marla discovers she’s kidnapped the mother of a mobster and all hell breaks loose on Marla and her cohorts.

This story, while exaggerated and Hollywoodized, is horrifyingly close to the truth if you remove all the fantasy mobster revenge violence. Seniors, children, and parents are being ripped apart and destroyed by the American court system every day. It’s about time Hollywood started noticing.

There’s no shortage of horror stories that could be brought to life on the big screen, torn right from reality. Dwight Mitchell’s children were taken from him for fifteen months over a spanking. I interviewed him on ‘The Fringe’ about his harrowing tale that should be made into a movie.

The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 32: Do Americans Have Parental Rights?

Another blockbuster hit could be the story of Michael Chambers, whose little girl was taken from him after he asked for a warrant before Mississippi child services searched his house. They stole his child in retaliation. He hasn’t seen her since.

American Children Terrorized by CPS While Lawmakers Cry About Border Children

The vicious lie that states’ social services “protect children” or seniors is a falsity of epic proportions that should be exposed and ridiculed as this movie does so well. I’m thrilled to see the tables turning and social workers being knocked off the pedestals they don’t deserve. Everyone knows not all social workers are vindictive monsters…but a lot of them are.

Take, for instance, the people who put three-year-old Victoria Rose Smith in the home of murderers. What would you call them? Negligent is too nice a word.

Social Services Won’t Speak to Biological Family of 3-Year-Old Found Dead In Food Network Star’s Home

Or the Indiana social service workers who took children from a disabled parent because she had mobility issues. That’s not only immoral but illegal too!

Indiana Child Services Ripped Children Away From Disabled Parents. A New Lawsuit Aims to Stop It.

Remember Rachel Bruno? The state seized her children without a warrant and then forcibly vaccinated one. She won more than a million dollars for that trauma. Every story I’ve covered about family courts could be made into a horror film.

California Mom Wins Second Big Settlement Against CPS for Seizing, Vaccinating Son Without Warrant

Director of The Guardians, Billie Mintz, had high praise for Netflix’s new dark comedy. Reviewing the movie for his Facebook friends, Mintz wrote,

When I first started watching I was blown away by how accurate and insightful the story was in to real events that happened to thousands upon thousands of Americans. I was thrilled to see it in such a well produced well written and well acted format. It was my exact film playing out in a narrative format through the point of view of the person I was going after. I thought that this might be it. This might be the film that opens up this issue to the masses.

Mintz feels the same excitement I do. It’s happening. When they start making Hollywood villains out of your headlines, the house of cards starts to fall down. All I can say at this point is….faster, please.

Check out I Care A Lot on Netflix tonight.

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