Systematic Racism Is Real and Democrats Are the Ones Engineering It

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Why can’t Republicans be as smart as this caller, J.C., on Rush Limbaugh’s program on Thursday? Want to solve the problem of reaching the black community, Republicans? Then find this man and put him in charge of the whole darn party.


I’m a black American conservative here in West Texas, El Paso. I’m concerned about the messaging—the verbiage from people on the conservative side to get folks who look like me who are straddling the fence to say “Hey, I’m all in.’

How is it not systemic racism that if I’m in California and I go to jail and someone who is there illegally on a sanctuary city policy gets free but I have to stay in jail? How is that not systematic racism? Why is it that I can’t get a conservative to come look me in my face and say “Hey, J.C., you’re right, and we need to fix that messaging and we need to attack Maxine [Waters] because it’s in her district?

The reason they don’t accuse Waters of being a racist for preferring illegal border-jumpers over black Americans is that no one ever taught squishy Republicans how to fight. They’re useless. They run crying at the first charge of “racism.” They have no game. They’re pitiful. Take your pick of any number of reasons for it, but Republicans are historically big, fat failures and we’ve all known it for a long time. This is why Donald Trump is so wildly popular with the American conservative voter. This man fights. After years of watching our supposed champions turn tail and run and compromise and quibble, Trump’s “burn it to the ground and salt the ashes” attitude was a welcome and awe-inspiring phenomenon. (Not surprisingly, all the Republican squishes hated him from the beginning. Mittens, fetch me my smelling salts! He’s so uncouth!)


Republicans are missing the boat by not putting people like J.C. out front and giving them the wheel to turn this boat around. There is so much systemic racism that Democrats have installed in our system, like stopping black families from being able to send their kids to any school they want. Democrats stop school-choice initiatives every chance they get and it keeps black children in drug-infested, failing schools. How is that not systemic racism? Abortion targets black women disproportionately, exterminating black babies. How is that not systemic racism? Democrats continually give more money and power to Child Protective Services that disproportionately targets black families who are poor, often removing their children unlawfully. How is that not systematic racism?

What J.C. understands, that Republicans don’t, is that the left’s language game is easily turned on them. Instead of fighting it head-on and throwing their inflammatory terms back at them, our Republicans whimper off to their posh offices and hide. Where are the Republicans willing to stand up to this garbage and put the blame where it belongs? Conservatives have real answers that will help black families. School choice, prison reform, and stopping illegal border-hopping, and prosecuting employers who hire illegals over Americans are all things that will improve the black experience in America. If our Republicans aren’t going to tell the truth and call out the real racists holding black America back, then it’s time to get rid of them.


I don’t think I’m the only one who believes it might be time for all the old (really white) guard in the GOP to retire and let the new people, with actual experience in communities Mitch McConnell has never lived in, take charge. And before I get yelled at for targeting our elder GOP statesmen because they’re white, does anyone think they are capable of winning the voters we need to win elections? I don’t. Why didn’t they help Kimberly Klacik? Why didn’t they rally around her and send in the big guns and money to help her win Baltimore? Black lives do matter but no one in the Republican party has made an effort to show they believe that—except Donald Trump, who passed the most sweeping prison reform bill in history, which freed thousands of black people from prison and reformed unfair sentencing. Republicans have given up that vote without even trying. They’ve left black Americans to the destructive policies of Democrats and written them off as impossible to court. That’s a fireable offense.

The old GOP has nothing but the same old tired excuses for us. But I have a lot of excitement and hope for our bench, which includes John James and Tim Scott and so many others who have lived the black experience in America and became conservatives. Different times call for different voices. These are the people this country needs to hear from in this tumultuous era that is obsessed with race. Why are these patriots still on the bench and not leading the charge?


This is the energy we need for elections going forward because you don’t have to convince white Republicans to vote Republican. You need to convince black Americans to vote for Republicans and old white octagenarians are not going to deliver that for us. What we need is to show our black countrymen that less government and more liberty is in their interest—and it’s Democrats standing in the way of black success and prosperity every time. The only people who can get that message across the right way are black conservative patriots like J.C.

J.C. for GOP chairman. Someone, please find him.




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