Teachers' Union Boss Advocates for Keeping Children Out of School While She Parties in Caribbean

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The Chicago teachers’ unions might be the worst in the country when it comes to bullying tactics to keep schools closed—even when data shows that COVID is not spreading in schools at any great rate. Despite the facts, Chicago Teachers’ Union board member Sarah Chambers encouraged teachers not to show up for work on Monday when in-person schooling is supposed to resume. Chambers is pushing a strike in order to keep the children of Chicago in their living rooms, stuck in front of Zoom meetings, though data shows they are falling behind and losing vital skills, as reported by the Washington Post.


A flood of new data — on the national, state and district levels — finds students began this academic year behind. Most of the research concludes students of color and those in high-poverty communities fell further behind their peers, exacerbating long-standing gaps in American education.

Chambers wants to keep those children behind because she claims school is “unsafe.” Yet, WGN in Chicago discovered that while she was tweeting out these demands that children get substandard educations so that teachers can be “safe,” she was partying with friends on a Caribbean island. So much for “safe.” This only solidifies our suspicions that many teachers are enjoying their time off a little too much while parents of school-aged children are struggling through the worst year of their lives with very little help from “educators” like this. WGN has the story.

Sarah Chambers is on the union’s executive board and is an area vice president.

As recently as Thursday, she tweeted to rally special education teachers not to return to work Monday because it’s unsafe.

Just a few hours earlier, Chambers posted a picture on Instagram that appears to show her pool side in Puerto Rico and talking about going to Old San Juan for seafood.

It’s safe enough for Chambers to lounge around at a hotel drinking alcohol in the middle of the Caribbean but it’s not safe for children to get a decent education. Sure.


Will the double standard backfire on the CTU this time? I sure hope so. Teachers in Chicago have had enough vacation time. It’s time to get back to the essential work of teaching children in person. If grocery store clerks are essential then teachers are too. The jig is up. Get back to work now.

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