How to Fix Our Election System in 4 Easy Steps — for Dummies

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The election of 2020 should teach us all a lesson. Our election system is broken. There is no excuse for the same few states to bungle their counting every single election. If the grannies counting ballots in Indiana can get their totals done on Election Day then so can the grannies counting votes in Nevada. Yet, every presidential election we watch as Democrat strongholds pussy-foot around and drag out the count as if they’re waiting to see how many votes they need to find in the back of someone’s car to win the thing. This has to stop. I can fix this in four steps so easy, even Maxine Waters could understand them.



Early voting began in 1992. It should be no surprise that the Democrats, led by the Clintons, dreamed up this idea. The only acceptable form of early voting is the absentee ballot that you must request. Giving people months to vote while ballots just sit around waiting to be counted is a terrible idea. Who is watching them all that time?

All early voting does is give people who want to cheat more time to do it. That goes for either side. All Americans want a fair election process and early voting has screwed it up badly. This is why the ballots come out of nowhere in the midnight hour. They’ve been harvesting them for use for months. Stop this.

If you aren’t motivated enough to mark Election Day on your calendar and get there and vote then you shouldn’t be voting. You don’t care enough about your country if you don’t make an effort to vote on the appropriate day and so you should miss it. If you aren’t going to be in town, or you don’t want to go out on Election Day, you request an absentee ballot.


The Chinese plague gave the Democrats the best excuse in the world to get more illegally harvested ballots by sending one ballot (or two or three or four) to every household in the states that did this. People reported being given one ballot in their married name and one ballot in their maiden name. Some people reported getting ballots for other people who used to live at their address and all they would have to do is sign them and send them in and they would be counted. No one is verifying who is on the receiving end of all these ballots.


Give me a break! Democrats would change their tune on this if Republicans decided to use the ballots to cheat like hell, wouldn’t they? In the interest of everyone, stop this madness. We have to be smarter than this.

Democrats Will Use Mail-In Ballots Scam to Throw Election Into Chaos


In 2020 you need an ID to do everything. There is no rational argument for why we don’t verify who is voting with a photo ID. And regular Democrat voters agree with this. It is only the Democrat leadership who refuse to allow voter ID legislation to go anywhere. They falsely claim that making people show an ID to vote is “disenfranchisement.” How?

Is making a person show an ID to buy beer “liquor disenfranchisement?” What about showing your ID to get on an airplane? Is that “travel disenfranchisement?” If I don’t have to show an ID to choose the next leader of the free world, I certainly shouldn’t have to show one to go to the doctor, and yet here we are. There are thousands of stupid things you need an ID for, including getting verified on Twitter! Is voting not as important as a Twitter status?

I spoke to my last remaining Democrat friend (who hasn’t unfriended me for my Trump support) and even she said this is embarrassing. When I suggested voter ID to her she said, “Agreed. ID. Why TF not? Can’t we have a simple national system with a backup in case of a screw-up?” While I don’t think nationalizing the vote is a good idea and prefer the states to control the process, every state should be mandated through federal law to verify their voters with a photo ID. The end.


Who are the people truly against voter ID and what is their excuse other than they want the ambiguity so they can slip ballots through from dead people?


The same Democrat friend started her text to me like this complaining about Nevada dragging its feet to count ballots: “OMG. Seriously? You know there are industries that work 24 hours, right? Maybe train some night shift workers once every four years?”

There is no excuse to stop counting ballots in the middle of the night so that poll workers can get sleep (or one team can go look for more harvested ballots for their preferred candidate). This only happens once every four years and we have managed to count votes in one night (barring any Bush v. Gore scenario) for my entire life and longer. Shift workers are the answer. It’s always the Democrat-run states that play these games and we must stop them from doing it. And Democrat voters should be with us to stop them because if Republicans ever get tired of playing nice and decide that turn-about is fair play, they will not like it very much.

Philadelphia Will Halt Mail-In Vote Count for the Night

Not only should the count never stop, but it should never start without representatives from both parties observing the count right from the beginning. Right now in Pennsylvania, Republican poll watchers are being refused entry even after getting a ruling from a judge that they have a right to be there. Why would you kick out poll watchers unless you’re doing something illegal? This is insanity.


We are rounding a bend in America where the patient nice guys are not going to be patient or nice anymore. And that’s going to get ugly. So to avoid that, we need to reform the election process, pronto. This is a bipartisan issue that we can all agree on. America needs to come together and demand that this sh*tshow should never happen again.

Pressure your Congressmen and women right now to introduce a National Voter ID law, stop early voting, and COVID ballots. This will solve it.

You’re welcome.

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