[VIDEO] Survivor of Communism Warns Americans: 'This Is the Beginning'

Image credit Stephanie Kimbrell

During my time outside Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday surrounded by joyous well-wishers offering prayers for President Trump, I came across a woman who was holding a sign that said “Communism Distancing.” I decided to stop and talk with her and was amazed at her story, as you will be too. A political refugee from Vietnam, this American (who does not want to be named) has a chilling warning to share with Americans as we face an all-out assault by far-left Marxist agitators like those in Black Lives Matter and antifa.


For those of us who have known nothing but freedom, it may be hard to understand the terror and fear that communism brings to millions all over the world. Listen to a survivor and hear her loud and clear.

Communism is coming for America. Are you awake yet?

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