Media Silent After White 5-Year-Old Shot Dead in Front of Family by Black Neighbor

Darius N. Sessoms, 25, allegedly shot and killed 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant in Wilson, North Carolina.(Wilson County Jail; GoFundMe)

Cannon Hinnant, age five, was shot, point-blank, in the head by a black adult neighbor in Wilson, North Carolina, on Sunday.

We all know that if a black child had been executed by a white man as he played with his family, the cable-news channels that feed on grief and death and upheaval would not stop broadcasting his name and face until every Target store in America was looted. This is simply a fact. But when it is the other way around, and a white child is executed by a black man in front of his family, the story is reported by local news and no one else.


That is what is happening right now to Cannon Hinnant. This little boy’s name should be as widely known as George Floyd’s as a victim of a crime but isn’t because his skin is the wrong color and no one at any of the big-letter alphabet channels can rouse themselves from their race-baiting hobbies to care about this boy. #SayHisName is trending on Twitter, with people trying to get the media to notice Cannon.


There’s no joy for the media in this story. They can’t blame systematic racism or the evil White Man or Orange Man Bad for a five-year-old taking his last breath instead of starting kindergarten because a black man, Darius Sessoms, 25, walked up to him while he was playing and shot him in the head. He did this in front of Cannon’s entire family and ran back to his house while they screamed for help. He wasn’t a stranger, either. Neighbors said the man recently had dinner with Hinnant’s father.

We don’t know why Sessoms did what he did. My guess would be severe mental illness. But if it were the other way around, no one would be waiting to discover a motive. The motive would be clear: racism. (Because if you’re white and you do a bad thing, it doesn’t matter if your motive was something else. Racism will be the consensus.)


The comments on social media about this story seem motivated by racist glee that a “privileged” white boy got what was coming to him. We can thank the media for that attitude seeping into the culture after months of pushing the false narrative that no one can be racist toward white people, only one race can be legally hated (whites), and that all white people are privileged and standing in the way of black power and freedom. There is no other outcome to this narrative than horrific violence against whites.

One commenter said, “Blew his little white privileged brains clean out of his head! #BlackLivesMatter.”

This is what the media has done to America. They’ve so divided us with their race obsession that it’s turning people into actual sociopaths who can’t muster empathy for a family that just lost a child to horrific violence. When the phrase “all lives matter” is controversial, you know you’ve gone over the edge of sanity and into Crazytown—where people can cheer the death of a child because he had the skin color of the only group on earth it’s okay to hate.


Nice work, media. Your silence speaks louder than your words could. I’m hopeful that they are avoiding this story because it makes them feel guilty for vilifying white people every day. I’m sure that’s wishful thinking, but it’s nice to consider. How many more Cannon Hinnants will have to die before the people who work in these conglomerates start asking themselves hard questions and walking off the job?

Rest in peace, little one. My condolences and prayers go out to the Hinnant family, who buried their boy on Thursday. And shame and loathing on every news outlet that has buried this story.



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