Trump Defends Coronavirus Response to Acosta: 'Hold It, Fake News CNN, Hold It!'

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The president continues to take every opportunity to humiliate CNN’s Jim Acosta at press conferences and it’s highly entertaining. On Monday, President Trump held a press conference to discuss the American coronavirus response and was, of course, deluged with negativity from Acosta, who interrupted him and tried to highlight the number of deaths and paint the president’s response as inadequate. As usual, the president’s response to Acosta is not to be missed. “Hold it, hold it. Fake News CNN, hold it!” Trump said before launching into a defense of the United States’ efforts to control the Chinese virus.


“We have done a great job in this country… if you look, countries all over the world are exploding right now—people that you said were doing a wonderful job,” said the president. “It’s a very delicate, very contagious disease. It was released by China. It should never have been allowed to be released.”

The president then said that the United States is doing a great job, pointing to future vaccines and therapeutics that have shown promise in stopping the outbreak.

Watch Trump call Jim Acosta “Fake News”

Let’s not forget CNN’s dismal record reporting things accurately. The most memorable example is the defamation lawsuit they had to settle with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann because they inaccurately reported that he was harassing a Native American elder. Video proved that the Native American protesters were yelling at him and the other students in his group. Another memorable CNN attempt at sabotaging the Trump presidency was the garbage article they wrote based on an anonymous source about Russian collusion, which they failed to fact-check. It turned out to be completely false and three CNN staffers resigned over it.


CNN is the fakest of news and it’s always good to have a president who reminds the people of it.

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