Chris Cuomo's Kooky Health Beliefs Illustrate Why Informed Consent Is Essential


Everybody is dunking on Chris Cuomo for going to a kooky doctor who encouraged him and his wife to bathe in bleach (which is sort of like swimming in a public pool, right?) or balance his energy fields, or take homemade quinine to treat COVID-19. And while these things seem strange and silly to most people, there’s something about the ganging up on him over it that really bothers me.

Chris Cuomo is a celebrity. What did you expect?

For one, I don’t know why anyone cares what Chris Cuomo does or believes. To me he’s like the news equivalent of Gwyneth Paltrow. No one blinks when Paltrow steams her vagina or trips on mushrooms. If we’re honest, Paltrow wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if she didn’t do ridiculous bougie weird things that only rich people think are good ideas. It’s endearing in a strange way. Do we really expect Cuomo to be normal?

What about informed consent?

The second reason it bothers me is the very serious topic of informed consent. Our medical system and beliefs are founded on the principles of individual autonomy. Doctors swear to do no harm, and patients need to consent to any treatment. If they don’t want the “approved” and accepted treatment, they can’t be forced to take it. Doing so is a crime against humanity.

The idea of informed consent was solidified during the Nuremberg trials when the world was horrified to hear of the human experiments the Nazis did on so many prisoners, including children. It is a war crime to administer any treatment or experiment on a person without his or her informed consent.

On 20 May 1946 Sydney Smith (professor of pathology at Edinburgh and advisor to the War Office) reflected on evidence presented at the FIAT meeting: “I am of the opinion that many experiments have been carried out on human beings without their consent, that the experiments show, as far as our information goes, inadequate planning, crudity of technique, gross indifference to the value of human life and callous disregard of human suffering.” 26 Smith supported the convening of an Allied commission of medical experts. His comments indicate the outrage of investigating scientists that the German human experiments violated the ethical requirement of consent of the experimental subject.

Informed consent is the foundation of bodily autonomy. It is what protects us from madmen. Our country has a dark and terrible history of forcefully sterilizing women and giving lobotomies to rebellious teens because their parents wanted them to behave. The left is fond of the saying, “My body my choice,” but they really don’t mean it unless you have a baby inside your body that you want to murder. That’s as far as their bodily autonomy convictions go. Beyond abortion, there isn’t anything you can do with your body they don’t want a say in.

About that bodily autonomy…

Do you want to get on a plane? Not until someone invades your nether regions, you won’t! How about school? You can’t go there unless you let them jab 62 (or is it more) needles in your arm for vaccinations that the agency mandating them owns patents on. Name anything you would like to do as a human being and someone from the government will appear to force a needle in your arm, take money out of your wallet, or regulate and license you to do the thing you want to do.

If Chris Cuomo wants to bathe in bleach or even drink snake venom, I’m all for it. Because it’s his body and it’s his choice. The last thing I want is to berate a guy for exercising authority over his own person because it makes a good punchline. The truth is, Cuomo is practicing liberty, though he may not even know it, and that’s a beautiful thing. When the agents come to your door with an untested and fast-tracked COVID vaccine, informed consent allows you to refuse. Without it, you’re at the mercy of whatever the health department wants to do to you. Having witnessed the terrifying pleasure they take in wielding power over the populace, do we really want to find out what they’ll do if informed consent gets tossed out?

Cuomo is not entirely off the hook

What’s complete asshattery is listening to Cuomo say things like hydroxychloroquine use for COVID-19 is not supported by science. What is he smoking? It’s a drug that has been around for sixty years with a very good safety record. Cuomo trying to panic people on CNN and pooh-poohing medical therapies being tested for COVID patients by legitimate scientists makes him a hypocrite. Where’s the science on bathing in bleach, Chris? And yet, I support his right to do whatever nutjob thing he wants if it makes him happy because this is America and liberty matters, even if it kills him.

Dunk on Cuomo if you want, but at least he’s acting like a free person. You have a right to believe kooky things and try kooky things. Let’s not change that unless you want to be experimented on against your will by the likes of Bill Gates and the rest of the elites who have gone on record talking about what a good thing it would be to thin the herd. Informed consent matters. Hang onto it.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter


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