URGENT: States Making Life Impossibly Hard for Truckers, Who Can't Find Food and Bathrooms

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In this unprecedented crisis brought to us by the lying Communists in China, the COVID-19 pandemic panic has gone too far. America’s truckers, the people we rely on to restock our empty grocery shelves, are being treated like disease vectors and worse, they’ve been forgotten.


The state of Pennsylvania thought it was a good idea to shut down all the rest stops where truckers sleep, including closing the bathrooms—until the trucking lobby caught the ear of the president. Thirteen rest stops have been reopened in Pennsylvania, but our truckers are being forced to use porta-Johns that are far dirtier than the public bathrooms. How is this helping?

It’s not just rest areas, but restaurants are closing their dining rooms, even in truck stops. Truckers can’t go through drive-thrus. How are they supposed to eat while they are killing themselves to bring us toilet paper and fresh produce? Companies receiving the goods aren’t even letting the drivers use their bathrooms.

This has to stop, people. We owe our truckers more consideration than this. Read this thread from a trucker on Twitter and feel ashamed. Then call your representatives and tell them to do something about this. It begins, “TRUCKERS NEED YOUR HELP” and describes the terrible conditions they are faced with due to the WuFlu lockdown.


On this week’s podcast, I interview two truckers who have seen these challenges first hand. Subscribe to PJ Media’s VIP service now so you can listen.

It’s an outrageous offense against the people who keep this country running. Duane Plessinger is one of the truck drivers I interviewed. He posted on Facebook about the challenges he is facing. We should take this very seriously.

Everybody wants truck drivers to get the toilet paper to the stores, along with everything else they want, but think…

Posted by Duane Plessinger on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

James DeJonge, “Big Rig CEO,” has a YouTube channel where he gives advice to people who want to get into trucking. He’s my second guest on this week’s podcast. He made a video about this issue and other issues facing the trucking industry right now. One thing is certain: America’s truckers are the most important people in the country right now (including doctors…because how will they do their jobs without their supplies?). We should move heaven and earth to take care of them. Tune in to “The Fringe” for an in-depth discussion.


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