First Death in Washington State from Coronavirus, President Trump Says Expect More Cases

President Donald Trump (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

President Trump held a press conference at the White House on Saturday to announce the first death in the U.S. from coronavirus in Washington State. Out of 22 reported patients who have the illness, one person has died. She was described as a “medically high-risk patient” in her fifties. Four others are classified as “very ill” and 15 are either “recovered fully or well on their way to recovery.”


The president said that “additional cases in the United States are likely, but healthy individuals should be able to fully recover. If you’re healthy you’ll probably go through a process and you’ll be fine.”

The coronavirus has been reported in 66 countries with a death toll of 2,924. The president has come under fire by Democrats for his inclination to calm the public and not leap to draconian measures that may not be necessary to contain the illness. So far, the coronavirus does not appear to be a major problem for American health care. Democrats have jumped onto the outbreak as yet another chance to hurt the president politically without realizing they are wishing for massive numbers of dead Americans.



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