Failed Dem No One Remembers Says He's Going to Make Sure Trump-Supporters Can't 'Show Their Face in Public'

(Image via Twitter screenshot)

Speaking in what looks like an Applebees on karaoke night to about six people who look drunk, failed Senate candidate Jon Ossoff screamed into a handheld microphone about beating up people who disagree with him politically. Channeling Howard Dean, Ossoff screeched, “We need to send a message this year, that if you indulge in this kind of politics you’re not just going to get beaten. You’re going to get beaten so bad you’ll never be able to run or show your face again in public.”


I think my favorite part is the woman in white sitting at a table behind him who is rubbing her temples like Ossoff has just given her a migraine. You and me both, lady.

“Because we have had ENOUGH!” Ossoff continues screaming. “ABSOLUTELY ENOUGH of what we are getting from Donald Trump and his fellow-travelers right now.”

I think the “fellow-travelers” are supposed to be you and me, although we’re not filthy commies, so chalk that up to the failed public education system that didn’t teach him what that phrase means.

Yet again, Democrats continue to push a narrative of violence in response to ideas they don’t like. Democrats and the media are trying to make it hard for you to go out in public in your Trump gear because of this stuff. They continually lie about who supports Trump and why. All it has done is drive supporters underground. No one’s mind has changed. Trump’s polls remain strong with his base. I look forward to the media meltdown that is sure to occur when they take their sham polls and expect a Democrat to win again. How can these people win anything when insulting, threatening, and berating half the population and making their lives more dangerous by falsely painting them as people who deserve to get punched? I hope they continue this right up until November and see how that works out for them.


Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter




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