'The Fringe' Podcast, Episode 2: Bail Reform Hysteria! Please Calm Down.

The bail and discovery reform bill is outraging everyone in New York except me. You’re all going to be mad at me about this subject, but get over it! We need to look at all sides and ask ourselves if we really believe in the concept of “innocent unless proven guilty.” In certain circumstances, conservatives seem to be concerned about the loss of due process (when it comes to Supreme Court justices) but for regular people who get accused of crimes in your neighborhood….not so much.

For this week’s episode of “The Fringe,” I went into the city of Rochester to speak with Julie Cianca, a Monroe County public defender who has been defending the accused for twenty-five years. You may be surprised by what you hear from someone in the trenches. As always, I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions below or @MeganFoxWriter on Twitter.


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