Transgender Super PAC Bought Illinois School Board Election to Pass Radical Policy

Bloomfield High School transgender athlete Terry Miller wins the final of the 55-meter dash over transgender athlete Andraya Yearwood and other runners in the Connecticut girls Class S indoor track meet at Hillhouse High School in New Haven, Conn. (AP Photo/Pat Eaton-Robb)

In the most radical rule change to ever be implemented in Illinois high schools, the District 211 school board in Northwestern Illinois passed a new policy allowing any transgender student access to any private space or sport regardless of anatomy. This decision was hotly contested by the community. Supporters of the policy were dwarfed in number by those opposed. New information reported by Illinois Family Institute shows that a super PAC created by transgender activists in Chicago poured out-of-town money into the April 2018 election that led to the policy change.


The transgender super PAC, Trans United Fund, set up shop just 13 days before the April 2018 election and raised over $26,000 that they poured into another super PAC founded by Kim Cavill, a board member and far-left activist who hosts a show telling teens and tweens how to have anal sex, and promoting gender confusion. Cavill and her sister, Lindsey Christenson, launched a campaign with that money under their super PAC called Parents and Neighbors for Quality Education to beat out the board members who were running on locker room privacy.

The district had faced these challenges in the past and had been sued by transgender students demanding full access to all girls spaces. It’s important to note that all the challenges have been from boys demanding access to female spaces. There are no lawsuits against D211 with biological girls suing to take over the boys’ locker rooms or sports. The three candidates who were running on privacy, Jean Forrest, Katherine Jee Young David, and Ralph Bonatz were defeated by the smear campaign run by Cavill. The Windy City Times ran their propaganda.

Today, Trans United Fund, a national trans-led advocacy group, in partnership with local parents and trans youth in Illinois School District 211, announced a decisive and historic victory against a slate of candidates aligned with the Alliance Defending Freedom ( ADF ), which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as a hate group. Trans United Fund, working with local parents and youth, won all three of their targeted races, playing a decisive role in reelecting incumbents Anna Klimkowicz and Robert LeFevre and challenger Edward Yung.

“A mom from the district reached out to us for help,” said LaSaia Wade, a Chicago-based board member of Trans United Fund. “She shared that local parents and students had been battling a network of national and state hate groups on their own. They were up against a ‘hate slate’ of candidates intent on taking over their local school board and rolling back protections for trans youth. But we knew that if the opposition won, it would mean more violence and bullying for LGBTQ students and any kid that’s different. The timeline was short and our resources were already stretched thin, but we weren’t going to let that happen.”

Trans United Fund ( TUF ) and a group of local parents, youth, and allies, worked together to launch the first trans-led, trans-focused independent expenditure in history. TUF assembled a powerful team of thoughtful allies to quickly build and execute a research-informed and strategic plan to help the parents and youth get their message out. TUF supported the parents’ efforts through digital, mail, phone banking and helping to train volunteers to reach their neighbors at the door.


There was no evidence that any of these allegations were true. No transgender students had been the subject of any violence and they were already given access to the girls’ locker room but were asked to change behind a privacy screen. This was not good enough for the trans-activists whose goal it is to completely destroy privacy for women.

After winning the re-election, Robert Lefevre Jr., Anna Klimkowicz and Ed Young quickly went ahead with pushing through full access to the locker rooms and sports. During the board meeting Thursday evening, the board was asked to delay the vote until the matter could be put on a referendum so the community could record their say in an advisory capacity. While non-binding it would be a good way for the school board to test whether or not their community actually wanted to do away with sex-segregated facilities. The motion failed and the board refused to allow the community to have their say because this was never about what the community wanted but what far-left activists insist on forcing on communities against their will.

In every contentious board meeting that D211 had, the objectors outweighed the supporters two to one. Many of the supporters of the trans-agenda who showed up at meetings did not have children in the district, nor did they even live in the district. Chicago LGBT activists have a history of busing in people from other districts to make their voices seem loudest. Despite the vociferous opposition, the board voted 5-2 in favor of destroying privacy and fairness for girls.


Margolis & Cox Editorial Cartoons

In a particularly distasteful show of arrogance, five board members refused to stand and honor the slain students in the recent school shooting in Santa Clarita. One can only hope that it was due to the fact that a member of the parents who were opposed to the policy asked them to do it and not a callous disregard for the victims. Steve Rosenblum, Superintendent Cates, Anna Klimkowicz, Lisa Small, and Robert LeFevre Jr. all stayed seated and refused to honor the request. It’s worth noting that both sides of citizens, who were moments before fighting, stood together in agreement for a moment of silence for the victims. You can see it happen at the 53:45 mark in the video below.

The far left in America have been diligently taking over local boards to implement unpopular, fringe ideologies in communities across this nation and no one has noticed because most are too distracted by what happens in Washington D.C. But the most powerful and dangerous people in the whole nation sit on your local school, library, town, or city boards.

Posted by D211 Parents for Privacy on Thursday, November 14, 2019


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