Oak Park Mob Taunts and Jeers at Brave Citizen Planning to Move Because He's Fed Up with White-Blaming

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Since PJ Media reported on an Oak Park, Ill., trustee’s strange and racist outburst caught on camera where she admonished all the white men (and one Palestinian) that they should shut up and have no opinions on “diversity,” things have gotten even weirder. Susan Buchanan’s original tantrum can be seen here.


Instead of intense media attention being the catalyst for an apology and better behavior, Buchanan has gathered a bunch of supporters to circulate a petition to get the white male trustee to resign because he objected to a neo-Marxist “equity” statement. Supporters of Buchanan’s showed up to chastise trustee Dan Moroney for making their community a target of “white supremacy.”

They actually claimed that PJ Media and other conservative outlets reporting on this caused “white supremacists” to launch a social media attack on Buchanan and claim they are “less safe” because of it. Give me a break. What everyone should know by now is that to the left, any criticism of their behavior or ideas can be blamed on everything except their behavior or ideas… and “white supremacy” is usually the favorite cause du jour.

They even accused Chicago talk show host Dan Proft of catering to “white supremacists” for interviewing Moroney. I know Proft personally. This accusation is so over-the-top and ridiculous it shouldn’t need a defense. Proft is not only a very typical conservative, but he is also a former gubernatorial candidate from Illinois and a very serious player in Illinois GOP politics. He’s pragmatic and incredibly fair-minded. I don’t think Proft has ever been involved in any kind of controversy, which is hard to do in the political landscape of Illinois. He’s well-liked by most sane people. Calling him a “white supremacist” sympathizer is beyond the pale of decency. Go ahead and try to find something objectionable about this interview Proft did with Moroney.


But perhaps the most juvenile and shameful moment of the most recent trustee meeting was when an Oak Park resident stood up to defend Moroney and let the audience know he and his family had decided to move out of the town because of the extreme intolerance of diverse opinions.

“After 17 years calling Oak Park home, my family has decided it’s time to leave this community, not because we live among people of different backgrounds, skin color, or economic position, people who are tolerant of all, but because of the groundswell of self-righteous, zealous citizens who are intolerant of anyone they view as standing in their way,” said an unidentified citizen at a Trustee’s meeting.

His neighbors cheered at this news like they had just won the Super Bowl.

Is this what we have come to as a society? That entire towns must be ideologically pure in order for neighbors to get along with one another? This is the Balkanization of America that will not end well for anyone.

Watch the citizens of Oak Park shame themselves starting at 8:09:

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