Hasbro Debuts Feminist Ms. Monopoly to Jeers and Mockery

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Hasbro is trolling again. They started this with their “Socialism” edition of Monopoly with the tagline “winning is for capitalists,” and continued it with the “Millennial” version of Monopoly (which I assume must be played in your parents’ basement while snacking on avocado toast). As usual, everyone got triggered. But that did not stop them from coming out with Ms. Monopoly, a version of the game where women get paid $40 more every time they pass GO! This is supposedly to help bring awareness to the fake wage-gap that feminists are always complaining about.


But doesn’t paying women more for simply being women just cause resentment across the board? Commenters on Twitter have noticed.

Hilariously, I don’t think Hasbro did this to make some statement about fixing the wage gap but like most of its tongue-in-cheek amalgamations of the game, they are poking fun at the never-satisfied female crowd, although I could be wrong. Hasbro didn’t answer my inquiry into their motives. I wouldn’t if I were them either and instead choose to let people interpret the game how they want. I think it’s a hilarious mockery of women who will never be happy. They claim they don’t get paid enough, then Hasbro decides to create a fictional world where they get paid more than the men they despise and they’re terribly upset about it. The hatred on Twitter toward this game is funny. Instead of recognizing that it’s a game and Hasbro is trying to be as entertaining as possible, these harpies are actually criticizing the game maker for not being serious enough about the cause. 


Personally, I find it hilarious.

Isn’t “extra help” what the feminists claim to want by legislating equal pay and all that garbage? It’s funny to watch them look at what they want in technicolor and then deny that they want it. Of course you want to be given preferential treatment! Feminists have been lobbying for paid maternity for years. What else do you call that than preferential treatment based on sex? It’s never been about equality, which is exactly what Hasbro appears to be pointing out, even if they didn’t mean to.

At the very moment I finished typing that sentence, Hasbro responded to my inquiry, destroying all my hopes that people with a good sense of humor run this place.

Monopoly Socialism was part of a limited-edition collection of parody games. These games are meant to be lighthearted versions of our classic games designed to add a new twist to adult game nights. Ms. Monopoly is not a parody game. Ms. Monopoly is meant to be a fun spin on the classic Monopoly game with the goal of recognizing the many contributions, products, and technologies made possible by women throughout history. We decided to give the Monopoly franchise a new mascot – Ms. Monopoly, an advocate whose mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs – to create a fun environment for kids and adults to learn more about gender equality.


Gag. It sure seems like a parody, but then again, so does all of our culture at the moment. Imagine creating this game and trying to actually teach anyone about gender “equality” by reversing the situation they claim is unequal and unfair. That’s like saying “slavery of black people is bad, so to fix it we will enslave the white people.”

But right on cue, someone is using a “wage-gap” calculator to shame Hasbro for paying men more.

That’ll teach them for this sad attempt to be woke. Not even the woke folks are buying it. And they should check their facts about female inventors too. Hasbro is claiming that the game celebrates female inventors like the “inventor of Wi-Fi,” but unless he recently identifies as a woman, Vic Hayes is credited with that one.


That gives me an idea. Gentlemen, you can still even this playing board. All you have to do is identify as female before the game begins and there’s no one on earth who can stop you from getting your due.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter



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