EPIC FAIL: Anderson Cooper Tries to Convince Texas Women That Trump Is a Racist

(Image via CNN screenshot)

In yet another CNN attempt to make people from south of D.C. look stupid and racist, Anderson Cooper and his crew gathered up eight Republican women from Texas and tried to harass them into agreeing that the president said a racist thing by telling AOC and her cronies to leave America if they don’t like it.


It went hilariously sideways. I especially like the part where the CNN “reporter” asks the leading question, “don’t you think that’s racist?” in a condescending and outraged tone.

Note to CNN: This crap doesn’t work anymore. Everyone was bored and now they’re getting angry. You can see it in their faces. Everyone knows that the Trump tweet the media is so desperate to condemn in every corner of America is equal to a bumper sticker slogan that has existed forever. No one is shocked by Trump repeating the same joke we tell about celebrities who promise to leave the country every time a Republican is elected. There’s nothing racist about pointing out the obvious. If America is that bad and immoral and worthy of constant scorn then GET THE HELL OUT.


They all should go, American or not, to whatever socialist hell hole they can find where they’ll be happier. It’s really out of love we suggest this. They’re so miserable! We want nothing but their happiness and some peace and quiet. Luckily for them, the wall doesn’t stop anyone from leaving.


He’s not wrong and everyone knows it. And the racist thing is really getting old. He didn’t say it because #TheSquad is brown. He said it because they’re insufferable.


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