NYC Councilman Chases NRA Underground

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New York City Councilman Justin Brannan is quite proud of himself.


The idea that an American lawmaker can cheer the silencing of a civil rights organization in public seems unthinkable and yet here we are. Brannan thinks it’s just peachy that NRA members can’t meet in public for fear of reprisals, violence, and protests. The Brooklyn Reporter blog (which looks like a communist propaganda rag) outed the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA, which has been trying to exercise its right to peacefully assemble and associate. Gun owners are not allowed to do that anymore in New York without major hassles.

“This paper has learned exclusively that the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA, whose event featuring a gun auction was booted from two Brooklyn venues over the past couple of months after local residents and elected officials expressed strong objections, will be holding their dinner at the Dyker Heights Knights of Columbus, at 86th Street and 13th Avenue, tonight, beginning at 6 p.m,” sneered authors Helen Klein and Meaghan McGoldrick. “Even as word of the upcoming event trickled out via this newspaper’s inquiries, opponents began to make themselves heard,” they continued. Of course, what they mean is that their newspaper hunted down this perfectly legal group and leaked the location of their event to all the right agitators in order to cause community outrage with their lies about the NRA.

It seems this blog’s main activity is hunting down Republicans who have events and getting them shut down or disinvited from things. Here they are trying to do it to Sebastian Gorka and Donald Trump Jr. This story is courtesy of Ms. McGoldrick again. 


“The attendance of Gorka, predominantly, has prompted backlash from a number of local elected officials and political hopefuls on the other side of the aisle, as well as residents,” wrote McGoldrick. “Among the reaction, a petition has been launched by Andrew Gounardes to demand State Senator Marty Golden – who, his staff contends, had nothing to do with scheduling – to revoke Gorka’s invitation, citing the ‘anti-Muslim’ media personality’s ‘anti-Semitic, Nazi past.'” This is what passes for media in America. This is so libelous that not even CNN could report it. They went on the record about Gorka and the Nazi lie back in August.  “CNN has found no evidence Gorka holds anti-Semitic views.”

Someone should alert fake journalist Meaghan McGoldrick. (This solidifies my belief that one should never trust a Megan with an “h.”) Unbelievably, this boxed wine-o is the highest ranking member of the Brooklyn Reporter staff! (That’s a title she gave herself on Twitter btw.)

Digital Editor-in-Chief
Meaghan McGoldrick
[email protected]

Then there’s her partner in crime, Helen Klein, who thinks that harassing senior citizens wanting to have dinner together and talk about the 2nd Amendment is like breaking open Watergate.

So here we are, America! The land of the free and home of the brave is being attacked by fake journalists who are bolstered by fake American councilmen who cheer for the destruction of our civil rights and the intimidation of our citizens by threats of violence and protest. This is fascism and abuse of civil rights. This is not freedom. Where is the ACLU? Why aren’t they suing the city for their refusal to allow American citizens to assemble?

The responses on Twitter are worth the read.


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