Hot Cop Suspended after Lunatic SJW Mob Outs Him for 2013 Jewish Joke

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Remember these guys?

Gainesville policemen

Image via Facebook

These are the officers of Gainesville, Fla., who posted a selfie that women went crazy over. The photo went viral and there’s even going to be a calendar to raise money for victims of Hurricane Irma. It was a feel-good story until some lunatic decided to dig into Officer Hamill’s (the one in the middle) Facebook page for dirt. Six years ago he told some horrible jokes about the Holocaust. He wasn’t a police officer at the time, but now the rabid SJW lynch mobs are after his job. He has been suspended. 


Is it just me or is this getting out of hand? There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Officer Hamill ever treated anyone of Jewish descent wrongly. No one has come forward to accuse him of a crime. The only thing that is driving the push to fire him is that he found humor in something most of us don’t find funny. Most of us also don’t have the ability to deal with dead bodies and murder scenes either. Most of us don’t have the ability to rush into danger when everyone else is fleeing. That type of personality might need more outlandish ways to relax. Studies have been done on the use of black humor by emergency responders. It’s not unusual for people who see death often to find dark humor in tragedy.

Dr. Sarah Charman, of the University of Portsmouth’s Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, examined the role of dark humour in the workplace of ambulance crews and police officers and found it provides comfort and creates a bond that crosses the occupational divide.

She said: ‘Emergency workers frequently find themselves in unpleasant and unpredictable situations at odds with the heroic status and image presented in television dramas.

‘They regularly deal with death or near-death. They face messy and mortifying situations the rest of us never have to encounter.’

Humour acts as social glue and what makes one person laugh can make someone else recoil, she said. Shared humour requires a degree of shared experience.


This is why defending the First Amendment is so hard. It requires us to defend speech that is abhorrent.

Whether the police fire him or not is up to them. But it struck me as curious that the same people who are calling for him to lose his job over his warped sense of humor are the same ones supporting terrorists who want to kill all the Jews in Israel. The left has a long record of supporting Palestinians who repeatedly say their ultimate goal is to push the Israelis into the sea! They have waged war on the Israeli people with suicide bombs and rockets for decades and countless Jews have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists. So while standing arm in arm with Palestinian killers, the left has the nerve to call someone anti-Semitic for telling an anti-Semitic joke? Really? I’d be more concerned with the people actually murdering Jews, but maybe that’s just me.

One of the women who is leading this charge, and who seems to be one of the people who dug up the information on Hamill’s Facebook page, lives in Oregon (big surprise) and aligns herself with the far left so-called Resistance. Not realizing that someone might do the same thing to her by paging through her posts, she left her Facebook page open to the public for a short time after becoming Twitter famous. Upon review, it appears that a judge took away her children for some reason and she openly posted about it several times. Judges can make mistakes, but I wonder how she would feel if the world judged her by the fact that she lost her children in a court battle. Would she appreciate people claiming all over the news that she’s a bad mother because of something she put on her Facebook page? Probably not. And it’s probably not true. She’s probably a decent mother the way Officer Hamill is probably a decent person who would not kill any Jews or support a Nazi comeback despite his terrible Holocaust jokes.


Based on her social media it seems likely that Ms. Bunnell is suffering from a severe case of the mental disorder that is leftism.

And a touch of Trump Derangement Syndrome:

But it would be unfair to judge her character based on her Facebook page, wouldn’t it? Our social media pages don’t give a full picture of who we are in real life. Instead of Officer Hamill being out on the job helping victims of Irma recover and posing for the calendar he inspired, he’s sitting on his couch worrying about keeping his job. People like Ms. Bunnell made that happen and I think they should remember that what goes around comes around.





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