Gay Activists Are Gunning for Your Church Now

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They said they just wanted “equality” and that they would never come for our houses of worship. The gay lobby insisted that all they wanted was “rights” and “marriage” and then they would be happy. It was presented as, “If you like your religion you can keep your religion if you give us what we want.” Did you believe that? I didn’t. I had a feeling they wouldn’t be satisfied until they were standing on the smoldering ruins of religious traditions and people.


The Mormons are next on the hit list, it seems. The LGBT lobby, which is unarguably one of the most repulsive social justice warrior organizations, is running a scam where they use children as props to embarrass and bring down the Mormon church. In an embarrassing and transparent stunt, a 12-year-old girl who claims to be gay stood up in front of her church congregation and lectured them about accepting her and loving all people like Jesus did. Understandably, the plug was pulled and she was asked to sit down.

Speaking at the church’s monthly Fast and Testimony session, the girl, Savannah, said she was a child of “heavenly parents” who had “made me to be gay,” according to a video taken by someone in the audience which has been watched by more than 200,000 people.

But, as she was speaking at the church near Salt Lake City, the microphone was turned off and she was asked to sit down.

Yahoo News reported this as if she had been hauled off stage and thrown into a waiting train headed in the direction of the closest ex-gay therapy camp. It’s not really shocking when a religious institution insists that their message not be corrupted by an opposing philosophy, is it? This was clearly a set-up from the beginning. Why was someone filming her at a church service? Whoever was filming knew what she was going to say, obviously. This whole thing was a set-up to launch the next LGBT war against religion. They really hate the Mormons after the Proposition 8 fiasco in California. And I think this viral video makes it clear that the Mormon church is being targeted by the vile left.


What Yahoo thought was going to be a story that would whip people up into an outrage over “diversity, acceptance, and love” seems to have backfired. The comments section is hysterical. It’s like reading my own thoughts except wittier.

My thoughts exactly! Why does the church have to change for the whims of spoiled children? Why doesn’t she go find a church that affirms her? There are plenty of them out there and the numbers are increasing every day! But much like the bakery destruction project, they don’t want to find another bakery (or church). They want to beat this one establishment into the dust at all costs. Today, it’s the Mormon church, tomorrow it will be yours  — and it’s a disgusting way to move an agenda forward. It has always been said that in order to get support for a movement you must change hearts and minds. No one is going to be persuaded to your side when you are ordering, demanding, and persecuting them. People tend to resist things that are forced on them.

The other bothersome trend is all this “coming out” baloney. Is that really necessary anymore? We are living in an era of complete sexual revolution. There is nothing left that is taboo, except maybe child molesting (but they’re working hard to make that one acceptable too). There’s no need to tell people you are lesbian or gay. Date a girl. People will figure it out. Why do people think we want to know about their sexual preferences? And why does the gay community emphasize their gayness over everything else? Why is it an identifier? Can’t you just be a CFO or a waitress? Or is it a requirement of being gay that you must describe yourself as gay first and whatever else you are last?


The comments go on and on like this for a very long time. It’s refreshing to see pushback against ridiculous grandstanding and infiltration like this. Even better is imagining Yahoo’s web guy having to wade through these comments. The bottom line is that churches have a right to define salvation and codes of conduct for members. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. There’s no shortage of blasphemous congregations to join that are more than willing to affirm everything you’ve ever wanted. Go find one.


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