5 Disgusting Things the Left Has Done That Never Outraged Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton is just “outraged” that Donald Trump bragged about all the female lovin’ he got over a decade ago. For real. Clinton (and a host of bed-wetting Republicans) are pearl-clutching duchesses in distress because Trump uttered the word “pu**y” in a private conversation with another dude while talking trash about chicks and stuff. They think you should be outraged too. And maybe we would be in a sane world, but the world the Left has built for us over the last 15 or so years—a world of outrage over bad words—isn’t going to work after what they’ve done to coarsen the culture. The following are 5 reasons I can’t muster any repugnance over the leaked Trump tape.


5. The Vagina Monologues

vagina monologues

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Remember this play, the darling favorite of the Left? This was the stage play written by uber leftist Eve Ensler, who forced the word “c**t” into the popular vernacular for good girls. It wasn’t enough to make us listen to it over and over again; she would often lead workshops during performances to make the entire audience shout the word “c**t” over and over and louder and louder at a fevered pitch so as to “take back the word” that is derogatory to women. Seeing as how the word remains one of the vilest things you can call a woman, her efforts had no effect other than to coarsen an entire generation of college girls and make them look horrifically stupid.

This “play” was one of the worst pieces of garbage I have ever seen, with gag-inducing vignettes asking women what their vaginas would wear if they could wear clothes. (Note to Ensler, vaginas do wear clothes. They’re called underwear.) The popularity of this play brought out the creativity of vulgar college feminists everywhere who broke out their baking molds to make vagina cupcakes, vagina suckers and vagina cookies to hand out to their tittering audiences everywhere. The play made the word “vagina” appear in more places than it’s ever been in the history of the word, embarrassing and shaming women everywhere who can’t even say the word in their minds (I’m having a hard time typing it right now). Hillary Clinton was not outraged that women were calling each other “c**ts.”


4. Miley Freaking Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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Hollywood has foisted some pretty vile acts on us over the years but perhaps none as vile as Miley Cyrus’s metamorphosis from country good girl to sexually bizarre super slut. She was brought into our living rooms twerking with stuffed animals, humping microphones,  and touching herself while writhing around on giant dildos — and we were all told we had to put up with this because it’s art. (And we’re prudes.) Miley Cyrus, we were told, was a role model for young feminists everywhere taking control of their sexuality and sexual expression. Tongue out, vagina in our faces — we had to endure this while the Left applauded and gave her awards. Hillary Clinton was not outraged that a father exploited his teen daughter in pursuit of money.

3. Slut Walks

slut walk

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Slut shaming was a thing that the feminist Left said we did when we said girls should not dress or act like Miley Cyrus because if they did they should not be surprised by negative attention or being groped by men who think they’re asking for it. That’s victim blaming, they said. Women should be able to walk down a street naked, touching themselves and moaning and men should avert their eyes and go about their business. Women should be able to get drunk with a guy, get naked and go right up to the point of coitus and then scream NO! And if the poor dude didn’t pull out quick enough (and pay for a preemptive abortion) he would be going to prison for life. (And in some cases there wouldn’t even have to be a verbal no, but just regret in the morning on the part of the female.) So they marched, naked or nearly naked, with lipstick words written on their bare flesh like “SLUT” and “NOT ASKING FOR IT” and “DON’T TOUCH THIS” and we had to put up with this and try to quickly turn the channel lest our daughters witnessed this further debasement of femininity and good sense. Hillary Clinton was not outraged by young women shaming themselves and degrading their bodies or calling themselves “sluts.”


2. Viable Babies Being Slaughtered and Sold for Parts

Back in the day when Roe v. Wade was relatively new, everyone agreed that abortion must be restricted at “viability.” At the time, viability meant when the baby was almost full term and could survive outside the womb. Today, younger and younger babies are living because of medical advancement, some as early as 20 weeks gestation. Scientifically, that should push the age of viability to at least 20 weeks. Instead of moving ahead with science, the pro-abortion Left has pushed the other way, claiming that babies are not human until they are born wanted by a woman and at full term! Hillary Clinton was asked if the unborn have rights and she said no…all the way up to the time of birth. This means that Hillary Clinton supports a woman’s “right” to have her 40-week-old baby yanked from the womb and killed based solely on the woman’s desire. It never had anything to do with viability. Hillary Clinton is not outraged that full-term babies who are capable of living easily outside the womb are being butchered and sold off for science experiments by Planned Parenthood.

D & X abortion

1. Women and Gays Are Being Stoned to Death in Islamic Countries

Not only is Hillary Clinton not outraged about this but she takes money from countries like Saudi Arabia that execute women and gays for minor offenses. All around the world in Muslim countries, Muslim women are being subjugated, abused, terrorized and killed for the dumbest reasons you ever heard. They are killed or jailed or beaten if they are raped, if they accidentally show an ankle, if they leave the house without a man, if they aren’t properly pleased with the beating their husband just gave them and a slew of other “offenses.” Let’s not forget female castration, because cutting off the clitoris of a 9-year-old is a great way to keep her chaste, eh? And then there’s the treatment of the LGBTQ communities in the Muslim world. If they don’t get thrown off buildings, burned alive or hung in the public square for having a same-sex attraction, they will end up in jail, beaten and bleeding. This is reality. Hillary Clinton is not outraged. Instead, she wants to import more Muslims here to abuse and harm our women and the gay community.


This is why the feckless GOP should not panic just because Trump said “pu**y” 11 years ago, and instead go after the Left for their constant assault on the sensibilities of Americans. If this is the best the Left can do (dig up a stupid conversation about chicks from 11 years ago), it’s not good enough considering they don’t have any moral high ground on which to stand.

Man up, pu**ies.



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