Joe Biden Has Some Explaining to Do

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A line that Joe Biden gave during his recent interview on ABC News should be dominating the conversation today because it raises major questions, especially in light of new developments.


"George. I’m the guy that put NATO together, the future. No one thought I could expand it. I’m the guy that shut Putin down,” Biden told George Stephanopoulos on Friday. "No one thought could happen."

He’s the guy who shut Putin down? I’m sorry, when did that happen, exactly? 

Clearly, Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t get that memo because on Monday, mere days after Biden said Putin was “shut down” and just one day before the NATO summit in Washington, D.C., Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian cities resulted in at least 36 fatalities and over 149 injuries. They also demolished a major children's hospital in Kyiv, as reported by the state emergency service. 

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According to Ukrainian officials, the Russian military deployed fast-moving Kinzhal ballistic missiles and cruise missiles in the assaults. 


In Kyiv alone, at least 22 people, including two children, lost their lives, and another 82 were injured, according to the Kyiv City Military Administration. Additional casualties were reported in central and eastern Ukrainian cities. NRP reported:

Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that its forces were responding to the “Kyiv regime’s attempts to damage Russian economic and energy facilities” and used long-range weapons to hit “military industrial facilities of Ukraine and air bases of the Ukrainian armed forces.” Russia denied hitting civilian targets and accused Ukraine of “hysterics” before the NATO summit.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council and said Russian President Vladimir Putin must be held accountable.

“We would like to see greater resolve in our partners and hear resolute responses to these attacks,” Zelenskyy said in Warsaw, where he stopped on his way to the NATO summit. “I can see a possibility for our partners to use their air defense systems in a way to hit the missiles that are carrying out attacks in our country.”

The strike on the Okhmatdyt hospital, one of Ukraine’s largest treatment centers for children with cancer, drew international outrage. The hospital’s toxicology ward was largely destroyed, as well as intensive care and surgery units. Rescue workers said people were trapped under the rubble. Zelenskyy posted a video to social media showing dazed bystanders trying to clear the ruins. Inside, blood was visible in patients’ rooms where windows had been blown out.


That’s weird because according to Biden, he “shut Putin down.” Does this missile strike suggest that Putin has been shut down, as Biden claims? Does Biden even know what’s going on in the world, in Ukraine or Russia right now? Why did he say he “shut Putin down,” as if Putin had been contained, when he clearly hasn’t?


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