What Will Biden Do?

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Every day is a new adventure since the first presidential debate, and frankly, I can't get enough of it. Democrats are finally being forced to lie in the bed they've made, and it's a messy one. The pressure being put on Joe Biden to leave the race is increasing at a rapid rate, and it seems it will be up to him to decide what he's going to do. So what will he do? 

Some say they know. 

Let's be honest, though: Even if Joe Biden decides to drop out of the race, it likely won't boost the Democrats chances of winning in November. Despite the fact that she is the most unpopular vice president in the history of polling, Kamala Harris appears to be the most likely candidate to top the ticket if Joe Biden drops out. In addition to name recognition, she is the only candidate who can inherit Joe Biden's campaign war chest—which gives her a decided advantage over any other alternative.

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But, this is all academic if Joe Biden doesn't drop out, and publicly, he is claiming he intends to stay the course. 

Well, according to Gov. Josh Green (D-Hawaii) Biden is expected to make a major decision on his political future very soon.

“We’ll probably know in the next couple of days how the president feels about all this,” Green told the Associated Press on Saturday.

“I think the president stays in this race unless he feels that it is not winnable, or he feels that he has to hear other voices in his inner circle that he shouldn’t run,” Green added. “If the president felt that he wasn’t up to it and truly not up to it, he would step down.

A fascinating as that story is, does anyone believe that Gov. Green, a governor most people have never heard of and who represents a tiny state, actually has inside knowledge about Joe Biden's plans? 

We've previously heard reports that Biden was considering dropping out and that he understood that his interview with George Stephanopoulos had to go well and calm the fears within his party for him to continue. Well, it didn't go well, and Joe Biden is still in the race. In fact, the White House promptly disputed the report.

Biden himself expressed confidence in his ability to continue the campaign during his interview with Stephanopoulos and said, "I guess a good way to judge me, is you’re going to have now the NATO conference here in the United States next week. Come listen. See what they say."

The 2024 NATO Summit is taking place July 9-11, so by Biden's own words, he's not going to announce his intention to leave the race before the summit. Instead, he's using it as another opportunity to judge his competency. 

So, contrary to Gov. Green's claims, Biden isn't going to bail on the race before then, and he appears to be kicking the can down the road, hoping he can wait out the storm. It's a strategy that could potentially work. The Republican National Convention will take place from July 15 to 18, and Trump is expected to announce his running mate shortly before or during the convention. That could be the event that takes Biden's problems off the front pages and gives him the opportunity to continue. Of course, that won't make the concerns about his physical and mental health go away, but replacing him on the ballot would be a political and legal nightmare and if he can navigate the storm successfully, Democrats may have to live with the fact that they are stuck with Joe Biden.



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