Hunter’s Guilt Is Obvious, but It Might Not Matter

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

It doesn’t take a legal expert to know that Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial is an open-and-shut case. Unlike Trump’s criminal trial in New York, the evidence against Hunter Biden is astounding. Just the fact that the FBI is now admitting that the Hunter Biden "laptop from hell" is real and shows no signs of tampering is damning for Hunter and the entire Biden crime family.

As Townhall’s Mia Cathell, who is reporting from inside the courtroom noted, Wednesday was a particularly bad day for the Biden family. It was marked by testimony from two of his former partners with his wife observing from the gallery. Ouch.

And then, the infamous explicit photos of Hunter Biden were put on display for the court. I would have loved to have seen Jill Biden’s face when she saw those. Sure, the images were censored, but that couldn’t have been a pleasant experience for the Biden family.

Cathell noted that the "crux of his defense” is that Hunter Biden didn’t “knowingly" lie on the federal background check form when he stated that he wasn’t addicted to or using drugs at the time he purchased the revolver in 2018. His defense argues that he acted honestly, despite possibly being mistaken or misunderstanding the question about his drug use since he did experience periods of sobriety, although these were brief and typically ended in relapse.

It’s a pretty weak defense. It looks like Hunter’s lawyer Abbe Lowell figures that his client would only have been lying if he was taking drugs at the very moment, as if sobriety can be defined as those brief moments between taking drugs repeatedly.

The defense played excerpts from the audiobook of Hunter’s memoir, in which he bragged about "finding crack anytime, anywhere,” calling it his "superpower."

For nearly an hour, the prosecution played passages from Hunter's audiobook, and the jury, as well as Hunter, heard his voice narrate excerpts detailing his drug-fueled escapades, such as "smoking crack every 15 minutes, 7 days a week."

He did not have the "intent to deceive" the federally licensed firearms dealer, Lowell insisted, noting that the survey question asks if the signatory "is" addicted to or abusing substances, not "have you ever been."

It sounds like Hunter Biden knew he was an addict, but the defense is struggling to come up with a convincing defense. Cathell’s courtroom coverage paints a bleak picture for Hunter’s defense, as the evidence and testimony just seem too devastating to overcome. It’s a different scenario entirely from the Trump case, where, as even CNN experts and analysts conceded, witnesses routinely undermined the case against Trump upon cross-examination.

It would be nice to believe that any of this matters. But remember that this trial is taking place in Joe Biden's neighborhood in the state that elected and reelected him for decades in the U.S. Senate, voted for him for vice president and president, and will again in November. Is there any reason to feel confident that this jury will convict Hunter Biden? Even Jill’s presence in the courtroom appears designed to remind the jury that a conviction would be an attack on the Biden family. 

Like the Trump trial, I want to believe that justice will be served, but will a Delaware jury convict a Biden family member?


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