Politico Claims That Trump Is Getting 'Special Treatment' from the Legal System

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Please, take whatever time you need to finish laughing before you continue because, I assure you, this isn't satire. 

Believe it or not, James Romoser at Politico wrote a lengthy piece trying to make the case that Trump isn't the victim of a two-tiered justice system but the beneficiary of special treatment.


To prove his claim, Romoser points to the case of a former Dallas City Council member who faced bribery charges 15 years ago named Don Hill.

"The judge, upset by the attempt to taint the jury pool, slapped the politician-turned-defendant with criminal contempt and ultimately sentenced him to 30 days in jail for violating a gag order," explains Romoser. "Today, Trump routinely spouts invective far more inflammatory than anything Hill said. He denigrates prosecutors. He lies about his cases. He vilifies the judges overseeing them — and then vilifies their wives and daughters, too. Yet Trump has never faced the swift repercussions that were imposed on Hill — and are routinely imposed on other defendants in America."

Wow, so telling, isn't it?

Let's consider the facts. Donald Trump and Joe Biden have both been accused of handling classified documents. In fact, Joe Biden has already been found to have "willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen" by special counsel Robert Hur, and that his actions "present[ed] serious risks to national security.” 

Is Joe Biden facing charges? Nope.

Trump was also tried for civil fraud for allegedly inflating his assets by New York Attorney General Letitia James, and found guilty by leftist Judge Engoron in a case where there is literally no victim or crime. Trump obtained the loan and paid it off completely. The bank Trump allegedly defrauded even testified in Trump's defense. Not only is presenting one's financial status in the best possible light common practice, but James' claim that Mar-a-Lago was only worth $18 million was absurd, as experts have put the value at closer to $300 million


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That didn't matter to James or Engoron, and Trump was ordered to pay nearly a fine of half a billion dollars. For a non-crime, with no victim. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart, who has criticized Trump in this case, was found to have inflated the price of his New York City penthouse, and the person he sold it to lost millions of dollars as a result. There you actually have a victim. Stewart has yet to be indicted by Letitia James. 

Further proof that Trump was targeted in a two-tiered justice system is the fact that New York Governor Kathy Hochul literally told New York business owners they have “nothing to worry about,” because going after Trump was essentially a one-off.

“Law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are businesspeople have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior,” she said.

Trump didn't break any laws either.

Is there really a need for more examples? Isn't the fact that Donald Trump is being targeted by the Justice Department of his political rival with dubious charges that many legal experts say are weak enough?

But, according to Romoser, "Some judges in Trump’s cases may have afforded [Trump] unique leeway in hopes of avoiding any appearance that they are meddling in the 2024 campaign."

That's cute.

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