Planet Fitness' Pro-Trans Policy Blows Up in Its Face

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Last month Planet Fitness revoked an Alaska woman's membership after she reported finding a "man with a penis" shaving in the women’s locker room while a young girl was present. The man refused to leave insisting "he had a right to be there” because he identified as "queer LGB."


It was sadly not surprising that Planet Fitness took the side of the creeper. The company has a gender identity non-discrimination policy that allows members to use the locker rooms and bathrooms that align with the gender they claim to be at any given moment.

Now, a member of a Planet Fitness in Gastonia, N.C. has been arrested after he went into a women’s locker room last week and paraded around naked, prompting a woman to call 9-11, according to WSOC-TV Channel 9.

“And what’s he wearing?” the dispatcher said.

“Nothing, literally nothing,” the caller said.

“OK, so he is completely naked?” the dispatcher said.

“He is completely naked,” the caller said.

Sources told Channel 9 that Miller asked a woman to rub lotion and shower together.

“And is that man still there?” the dispatcher said.

“Yeah, he is still in the bathroom,” the caller said. “It’s a man but he says he identifies as a woman, and he won’t leave the restroom. But he is just walking around showing us his — and he won’t leave.” 

Miller was harassing women in the gym before the arrest, sources told Channel 9.

Member Betty Brice is upset that Miller reportedly claimed to identify as a woman as a reason to stay in the ladies’ locker room.

Does a naked dude in a women’s locker asking a woman to rub lotion on him and shower with him sound like someone who thinks he’s a woman or someone who is exploiting the gym’s pro-transgender policies to gain access to private women’s spaces?


This kind of thing has happened before, and not just at Planet Fitness. In 2021, a Los Angeles spa made headlines after a man walked into a women’s changing area, exposing himself to the women and young girls inside. The spa supported the man's right to do so, yet he turned out to be a serial sex offender

Despite incidents like these, the radical left expects everyone to take everyone else’s word for it when they say they identify as one gender over the other. According to them, if women and girls are uncomfortable with a naked man in their locker room, that’s their problem. 

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Planet Fitness’ policy does technically offer the ability for members to question the legitimacy of one's purported “gender identity."

If a serious concern or significant doubt about the bona fides of a person’s transgender or nonbinary status/identity arises and which the team member can articulate, the team member shall address their concerns with the member. If discussion with the member fails to resolve the serious concern or doubt, the club may ask for external evidence of the member’s asserted gender identity. If it is confirmed that a member is acting in bad faith and improperly asserts a gender identity, they may be asked to leave and their membership may be terminated.


This policy only gives the impression of a balanced policy, but it’s not. This policy is incredibly problematic because the gym allows men and potential predators access to women’s spaces by default, violating the safety and privacy of women and girls first, before putting the onus on them to complain if they believe that a man is acting in bad faith. 

But as Sister Toldjah at our sister site RedState notes, in many places, it is actually illegal to question a person’s “gender identity.” So don’t expect a Planet Fitness employee to ever side with women. The ACLU also takes the position that transgender-identifying people "can’t be required to prove their gender to gain access to a public restroom, unless everyone has to show ID to use that restroom."

Evil policies like this victimize women and girls because predators know they can abuse them. If you’re a member of Planet Fitness, do the right thing and cancel your membership.


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