Biden’s Fundraising Numbers Aren’t What They Seem

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The media is desperate to find something good they can report about Joe Biden. There’s very little for them to work with, however, between the economy, the border crisis, world events — none of it makes Biden look very good, and naturally, his approval ratings are in the tank.


So the big shining star on Biden’s otherwise dismal record is that he’s raised significant amounts of campaign cash. That has Democrats thinking that maybe, despite all the other things working against them, the willingness of rich liberals to write Biden checks is a sign that things aren’t looking so bad for ol’ Joe in 2024.

“In raising $71 million, and reporting an impressive $91 million in the bank, Biden and his surrogates have shown that he remains in firm control of the party and his destiny, helping to dismiss concerns that his poor approval ratings will doom his reelection prospects,” reports the Washington Examiner.

This is apparently the narrative they are pushing. “For the bedwetters: Biden’s fundraising totals were higher than Trump’s two quarters in a row,” Jim Messina, former President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager and deputy White House chief of staff, told the outlet.

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“The momentum is continuing to build for him. As the stakes of the election are becoming clearer and the choice could not be more distinctive, the enthusiasm grows,” Campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg told CNN. “All the money that has been raised and is continuing to be raised and the $91 million that is in the bank today, it’s all focused on November of 2024. All of our investment today is focused on those strategic, important places – states that are going to be where this race will be won or lost.”


Not so fast.

There are some rather large caveats to Biden’s fundraising numbers that put this into perspective.

To begin with, as Republicans have noted, Trump’s primary opponents are effectively splitting the available cash from party donors. Several of Trump’s primary opponents have managed to raise decent amounts of campaign cash despite their underwhelming polling numbers against Trump.

Another factor that the Biden boosters want you to forget is that Biden’s fundraising numbers include money raised by the Democratic Party. Trump’s numbers do not. That’s some important context.

On top of that, several polls have shown Trump beating Biden — particularly in those important battleground states. As for Biden’s ability to pool resources for the general election, sure, that is nothing to sneeze at, but this is the same guy who has been pushing his Bidenomics pitch for months without anything to show for it. So far, nothing they’ve been doing seems to be working. I guess that’s why they joined Truth Social — they have nothing to lose.



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