Hunter Isn’t the Only Biden With Nude Pics on the Internet

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

There really must be something creepy in the Biden gene pool, because it turns out that Hunter Biden isn’t the only one in the family taking nude selfies. Joe Biden’s younger brother, Francis “Frank” Biden, apparently likes to take nude selfies just like his nephew.


But here’s where it really gets weird. According to a report from The Daily Mail, a naked selfie of Frank Biden was posted to a gay porn site back in 2018. (I won’t bother sharing the name of the site the picture was found on.) Frank Biden, who was 64 at the time the photo was taken, admits that it is genuine but claims he did not post it on the website.

“I’ve absolutely no comment. I could care less. I haven’t even looked at it,” Frank Biden claimed when he was asked for comment by the Daily Mail. “They must have hacked my phone.”

“Anything that is a revealing picture of some kind is between Mindy and me,” he insisted, in reference to his long-term girlfriend, a former Hooters waitress and flight attendant. “I really don’t want to start my day off this way,” he added. “Definitely didn’t post it anywhere.”

Of course he didn’t. And Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t really his either —  right?

“A naked picture of the President’s brother circulating online could raise the prospect of blackmail of the First Family – a potent national security threat. There is no evidence that any person or group has attempted to use the shot against the Biden administration,” Daily Mail reports. “Site metadata and a watermark on the photo says it was posted on May 23, 2018 – around the same time Frank’s nephew Hunter Biden was also photographing himself naked at the Chateau Marmont with M&Ms lined up along his penis, pictures from the First Son’s abandoned laptop reveal.”


Frank’s naked selfie doesn’t exactly go to great lengths to be super sexy, as he is wearing only a baseball cap and glasses and is posing in front of a mirror that reflects a toilet with the seat up.

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As the Daily Mail notes, Frank Biden has leveraged the Biden name to advance his career, securing positions on various boards and affiliations in Florida. He was hired by Federal Signal Corp., an Illinois-based manufacturing firm, to facilitate the company’s interactions with Florida lawmakers. During company calls, he would often mention receiving calls from his brother Joe Biden while he was vice president, referring to him to as “the Big Guy.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


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