Biden Legal Team Negotiating With Prosecutors Over Classified Documents Investigation

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Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has already indicted Donald Trump for possessing classified documents, but now there’s finally some movement on the investigation of Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, which were found both at his office at the Penn Biden Center and his residence in Wilmington, Del.


According to reports, Biden’s legal team is currently engaged in negotiations with special counsel Robert Hur regarding the terms for conducting an interview with Biden. NBC News reports that discussions between Hur’s team and Biden’s legal team have been ongoing for about a month and are still ongoing, as an agreement has not been reached. Sources familiar with the situation say the negotiations encompass various aspects, including the logistics of the interview, such as its timing, location, and the extent of the questioning.

Hur has been investigating the scandal for eight months.

Biden’s legal team is seeking clarification on whether a potential interview between the president and Hur would cover matters beyond his tenure as vice president. Apparently, Biden’s team wants to limit the scope of the interview.

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The majority of the classified documents under scrutiny originate from President Biden’s period as vice president during the administration of President Barack Obama, with some also pertaining to his time as a senator. While the number of classified documents found in Biden’s possession is not known, one thing is clear: Biden never had any power to declassify the documents he had. There is evidence suggesting that Hunter Biden may have accessed the documents and used them for his foreign business dealings. It was also revealed that, despite repeatedly claiming to have been fully cooperating with the investigation, Biden didn’t originally cooperate and opposed having the Department of Justice search his home. The White House was also caught lying about the search at his home, claiming it had been completed already when, in fact, searches were still underway.


The White House also faced questions for the apparent cover-up of the scandal until after the 2022 midterms. The documents were originally discovered before the elections, but the story didn’t drop until after the new year. Even the New York Times openly questioned why it took two months for it to be revealed that the classified documents had been discovered.

Donald Trump faces 40 charges related to his possession of classified documents, including violations of the Espionage Act. Few believe that Joe Biden will be treated similarly.




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